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February 10, 2016

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Winter Is a Great Time for a Garage Remodel

December 2, 2014

What’s in your garage? Is it your car? If not, you’re like many homeowners who have filled their garages with the various and sundry flotsam and jetsam of their homes. Your car is fine outside, as it spends most of its time there anyway. But why dedicate such a large piece of your home to storing random objects? Turn your garage into a valuable piece of real estate.


Step 1: Remove junk.


Step 2: Install insulation.


Step 3: Decide what you want your new room will be used for.


Garage Workshop


A popular choice for garage remodels is to creating a workshop. This is a great option because it is still possible to use the garage for your car as well. When you need more space, simply back the car out and set up your sawhorses or a folding table. If your clearance space is on the narrow side, line the walls with cabinets and cupboards to hold and store all of your tools. Some cabinets can be purchased at a discount from stores that sell items rescued from teardowns or remodels. In between the upper and lower cabinets you can install pegboard — the classic workshop accessory. Consider using the metal versions available online suitable for storing heavy duty items — the holes will never stretch and become unusable. With added lighting and a space heater, you will have created a home inside your home.


Garage Apartment


Another great idea for a garage remodel is creating an apartment of sorts, suitable for teenagers, aging parents, guests or even tenants, depending on your local zoning laws. A two-car garage is ideal for this, but even a one-car garage offers more space than many Manhattan apartments. Some people build an apartment over the garage, but maybe your garage is already under your home, or maybe you just don’t want to spend the extra money. If you have a bathroom nearby and you plan to only use the apartment for family members, you can avoid the expense of adding another one. You can go the Ikea-furniture route, paint everything white and have it be in move-in condition in a week or two, or you can go the extra mile, dividing the space into rooms and adding windows, wallpaper, a kitchen and private bath.


Garage Playroom


Expanding your own family’s living space is another option. Tired of telling the kids to stop playing with a ball in the house? Send them out to the garage! With heat, proper lighting and a thickly carpeted floor, this space can become their playroom during the long winter months when they would be otherwise cooped up inside, or the place they host parties or sleepovers. Bonus: if you add extra insulation during construction, you can muffle most of the noise!

The possibilities are endless. If you would like your garage to be more than a repository for outdated skis and your 10-speed from college, call FCI for a consultation today. Your new space could be truly transforming!

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