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Basement Finishing Ogden Utah

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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Designing Your Dream Home

December 9, 2014

Many people still fantasize about owning their dream home one day even though they have a nice house. They’re willing to put in those extra hours to get the promotion for the higher-paying job or forego the fancy sports car in order to realize their dreams. But where do you start?


Maybe your wife wants a big yard, with room for a garden and a play set for the children you plan to have. Maybe you’ve always wanted a big garage, with room for two cars and all your tools. That’s feasible. But what if your wife has an eye toward the traditional — gables, gingerbread and a white picket fence — while you lean more toward the contemporary — lots of glass, marble and sharp angles?


It’s important to know at the outset what each of you has in mind and where you are and are not willing to compromise. Transitional meshes old world with new in an endless array of clever styles. An architect or building contractor can help you with suggestions on how to blend your styles as successfully as you have blended your lives!


Where to Settle?


Before you start negotiations, consider where you want to live — not just what city, but what neighborhood. A new construction can look pretty out of place if it’s radically different from its more staid neighbors. You don’t want to be the couple who comes in and knocks down a ranch and puts a McMansion in its place. But if you have a larger piece of land that allows you some privacy, it might give you more freedom.


Once you settle on the where, you can get down to the what. How many bedrooms will you want? Will they all be on the same floor? How many bathrooms? Should your floor plan be sprawling, or compact? Once you have the bare-bones sketch in your mind, you’ll want to ask yourself how you’re going to use each space. Some people have a living room and a family room, but everyone just ends up spending all their time in the kitchen anyway. Think about what’s important to you and your family, and design around that.


A Million Questions


After the what and the where comes the how, and that’s where the professionals are indispensable. What materials will you choose in the building of your home? You want a reliable, solid construction. But do you need a tile roof? Or will shingles do? A stone fireplace would be beautiful. But maybe brick is better suited to your budget. Will your kitchen cabinet be custom-made, or can they come from the local hardware big-box store?


Building your own home requires hundreds of decisions like these. Some will be easy; others won’t. The guidance of an experienced professional is invaluable. Did you know that recessed basement lighting you wanted won’t leave it bright enough for sewing and crafting projects? Are you aware that cushy cork floor you want in the kitchen is really a quarter-inch thick and is going to dent every time you drop something? Use FCI’s 30 years of experience planning and building dream homes in the Greater Ogden to make your dreams come true.

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