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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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The Adventures of Doing Your Own Renovations

February 11, 2015

Doing your own renovations can be fun, rewarding and economical. But it can also be discouraging, fruitless and expensive. Did you spend winter break tackling that renovation you’ve been wanting to do? Maybe some of it didn’t go the way you planned. The corners don’t meet. One piece of wallboard is on backwards and now the angled edge is facing in, making your tape and spackle lumpy and weird. Every time you try to turn the new light on, the circuit breaker trips. Tools are still scattered around. The worst part: now you don’t have time to go back and fix your mistakes because you have to go to your real job. At FCI, this is our real job.


The Best Intentions


Embarking upon a home-improvement project can be exciting. Taking a sledgehammer to the avocado-green tile in your 50s-relic bathroom is absolutely cathartic. But it’s hard to fit the wallboard around the toilet, and even harder to plaster around it, and you don’t want to bother disconnecting it and taking it out.


The previous homeowners finished the basement, but without insulation, and you brought the property in July, so you didn’t know all that living space was going to be unlivable come winter. So you rip out the walls, frame them up, add insulation and sheetrock. Now you’re warm, so you’re done. But your wife doesn’t think so. She wants the seams and corners taped and finished, which you started to do but then you forgot to put the cover on the joint compound so it got all dried out, and you accidentally left your three-inch putty knife out in the rain and now it’s all rusty, so you can’t finish it without another trip to the home improvement store. But she doesn’t want you to go there, because then you’ll just buy more things for a new project you’ll start but not finish. So what’s a handyman do?


Accept Help


Call FCI. You’ve done the hard part, now we’ll send someone out to do the finish work. You’ll benefit in three ways:


  • The job will be done right.

  • You won’t have to do it.

  • Your wife will be happy again.


You’ve learned a lot from many of the projects you’ve already done. You’ve learned how important it is to do the right prep work before painting and you’ve learned that you can’t always tell the walls aren’t completely flat until you try to put striped wallpaper on them. Take advantage of the professionals’ experience by having them step in and lend a little of their wisdom. And then the next time you do your own renovations, you’ll have new skills to use!



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