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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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A Cramped Kitchen Begs for a Remodel

March 19, 2015


Space is one of the top reasons people choose to do a kitchen remodel. Now that the holidays are over, you may be promising yourself that you’ve cut your last cookie on that narrow slice of counter in front of the kitchen sink because that’s all the room you had left. You want acres of counter space, innumerable shelves and cupboards, and a six-burner stove. But where will your space come from?


Depending on the layout of your home and your family’s dynamics, you have several options. The first is to steal space from an adjoining room. If you have a colonial house with several boxy rooms on the bottom floor, this should not be too hard to do. Incorporating the formal dining room into a larger kitchen is a popular option. The separate dining room can be seldom used and can seem old-fashioned. Incorporating your eating space into the kitchen makes mealtimes more communal, and allows the chef to spend more time with the diners.


Kitchen Bump Out


Another option is to bump out the back wall of your kitchen to nab space from your back yard. A bump out gives you a larger area without the expense of adding another whole room, and you can choose the size. It can be as small as pushing a row of cabinets out for greater floor space, or you can even go so far as to double the size of the room. Many people choose a trapezoid-shape bump out with lots of windows, and use the space for a breakfast nook. Moving your table and chairs there frees up more space in the kitchen for an island or more cabinets.


If nothing less than your dream kitchen will do, knock out the whole back wall and reclaim the space your garden is in for an expanse of marble, granite, stainless steel and cherry wood. Decide if you want to go with a traditional look, or something more contemporary. Once you determine if you’d prefer a black-and-white tile floor with white cabinets for a country look, or a wood floor with dark cabinets for a more urban feel, you can decide on your lighting.


Lighting Choices


Recessed lighting is popular in kitchens, but keep in mind if you plan to do a lot of work in there that this type of lighting provides more of a “spotlight” effect and can make it difficult to read recipes or do challenging work. Pendant lighting can have a dramatic effect on a room, but your ceilings have to be high enough, or people may bump their heads on the lamps. Chandeliers are always popular, and come in such a wide variety of styles you can get one to match any décor.


FCI has been doing kitchen remodels in the Greater Ogden, Utah, area for more than 26 years. Their skilled contractors and craftsmen can make anyone’s dream kitchen a reality. Contact them today to find out what type of kitchen remodel would work best for your needs and budget.


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