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Basement Finishing Ogden Utah

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February 10, 2016

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Create a Timeline for Your New Home Construction

June 1, 2015


Home construction can be stressful, so plotting a timeline to manage the stages of the project is essential. If you are building your home from the ground up versus a doing an addition or renovation, this step becomes even more important because the job contains so many more components. If your schedule is tied to the sale and occupation of your current home or the lease on an apartment in which you are currently living, it is critical the schedule be followed as closely as possible to minimize extra costs your family might have incur by living temporarily in a hotel or other rented space.


Get it in Writing


Of course your building contractor always should have a timeline mapped out for any project — if he or she doesn’t, it’s a red flag. Make sure you see the timeline, and even get a copy of your own, to make sure the contractor is staying on schedule.


Even contractors with the best of intentions can be stymied by bad weather, supply shortages and other elements not under their control. However, you want to make sure they have a realistic plan and are sticking to it.


Prep Work


The first step after procuring your plot of land is preparing it for building. If the plot already has a building on it, it needs to be broken down and cleared away. If trees or other natural features are in the way, these also need to be removed. Once your site is clear, the perimeters for your home’s footprint can be staked and work can begin digging the cellar. After the foundation is poured and the framing is erected, an inspection will take place to be sure it is safe and up to code.


Careful Coordination


The work that will have occurred by this point involves heavy equipment operators, concrete pourers, and builders, all of whom need to be reliable and skilled. They also must be carefully scheduled — you don’t want the framers arriving before the concrete is dry. Make sure your general contractor has been in the business for enough years to have built up a dependable stable of professionals he or she can call on — you don’t want to be stuck waiting because the crane operator or the guy who knows how to run the cement mixer didn’t show up.


Bevy of Experts


The next stage involves even more coordinating — finish workers to put up wallboard or plaster, electricians, plumbers, masons, tile layers, window installers, painters — the list is practically endless. A good project manager is what will keep this monumental job organized and moving along smoothly.


If you want your home built correctly and on time, call FCI of Ogden, Utah. With years of experience working as general contractors, FCI will create a realistic timeline for your home construction, so you can be sure the hoouse of your dreams will be ready when you expect it.


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