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February 10, 2016

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Eco-Friendly Renovations Are Good for Earth and Your Home

August 20, 2015


You want to renovate your home, but you want to be eco-friendly. Can it be done? Of course. You just have to know how. You can incorporate reclaimed, recycled, re-engineered and reusable materials in every room of your home if you want. Read on to find out what types of sustainable products you can use in your home renovation.


Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed wood is popular these days for flooring, decking, shelves, furniture or anything else made of wood. The biggest benefit to using reclaimed wood is not to you — it’s to the earth. When you repurpose wood, you save another tree from being chopped down and harvested for its lumber. But if you think choosing “pre-owned” wood will save you money, you’re wrong there. In fact, old wood is often more expensive, because it has to be cleaned up and made to look nice again, and this involves extra labor. Why bother then, you ask? Besides the satisfaction you get from reducing your carbon footprint, you can gain access to exotic woods that are hard to come by these days. And many homeowners like the look of older woods because they give their home a feeling of antiquity and authenticity.




Terrazzo is a manmade countertop material that looks like stone. You may not be aware of any stone shortages in the world, or it may not be sad to think of a landscape devoid of stones (like it is to think of trees), but the truth is that the most in-demand stone is the hardest to find and it’s expensive to transport. Terrazzo is made right in the factory from tiny chips of leftover marble, granite or glass set in concrete. The resulting material is hard, durable and beautiful — you can simply choose the color you want and it can be made to order. Again, it’s not the cheapest choice, but it might be the best choice.


Recycled Bricks


Recycled bricks are finding new life again in fireplaces and sidewalks all over the United States. Bricks are made to last, and many of them do. Oftentimes all that’s left after a building has burned to the ground is the chimney, which is nearly indestructible. All these old bricks have been taking up precious space in landfills over the years, but you don’t have to throw them out, you can reuse them. Getting them in shape for reuse isn’t exactly easy, however. The old mortar needs to be removed, and there’s only one way to do it — with a hammer and a lot of effort. But their popularity continues to increase, because many homeowners want to capture the aged, historical look of time-worn bricks.


Falk Construction Inc. of Odgen, Utah, has 26 years of experience building and remodeling homes. They have worked with all types of building materials and can help you plan your construction or renovation project incorporating the best in sustainable products. Call Falk Construction today to find out more about eco-friendly renovations.


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