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February 10, 2016

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Framing Shortcuts: Don’t Take Them

September 14, 2015


House framing is an important job — there’s no room for shortcuts. A home’s frame is its support system, the rock on which it stands. Everything that goes on after the frame is only as good as the frame itself, so when you’re building a house from the ground up, you need to make sure the company you entrust to frame it knows what they’re doing.


Hard-to-Spot Problems


This Old House says the biggest mistake you can make when building a house is taking shortcuts on the frame. Some of these mistakes can be hard to spot early on, and you don’t see any trouble until a few years has passed, when they’re all but impossible to correct. If the corners aren’t square and the frame isn’t plumb, you’re going to have issues. These specifications are measured in degrees, and any shift under 10 degrees may be hard to notice. But as the years go by, your plaster or wallboard will crack, your cupboards and counters won’t be level anymore and your floors will get squeaky.


Know the Code


Building codes exist to protect the general public, be it in their homes, businesses or any building. They’re complex and specific, and if they’re not followed correctly, your safety could be at risk. Boards and nails must be a minimum size, walls must be braced and sheathed properly. It takes a framer with experience to know what all the codes are and how to follow them.


No Substitute for Experience


But experience counts even more when you consider all the parts of a framing project that are not regulated. For instance, it’s important to choose your lumber carefully. And it’s not enough to just look at it when you buy it to make sure it looks straight — you must select lumber that has gone through a drying process. Using fresh, green lumber to frame a house can lead to warping and twisting later on. For this reason, all lumber bought for the project should be stored under tarps and off the ground until it’s ready to use, to protect it from moisture.


Experienced contractors know that glue drastically improves bonding, and they use it whenever it would help make a connection more secure. Joists, hangers and ties all improve structural integrity as well, but only if they’re used properly.


Falk Construction is the master of house framing in and around the Ogden, Utah, area. Their years of experience provide an invaluable institutional memory that gets passed on to younger workers on a daily basis. If you are building a house in the Ogden area, use the experts at Falk Construction for framing and rest assured your house will stand on a strong foundation.



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