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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Using a Vessel Sink in Your Bathroom Remodel

September 21, 2015


Selecting a vessel sink for your bathroom remodel can add a contemporary feel regardless of the styling of your room. Sitting on top of a counter or vanity, they expand the conversation beyond "undermount" or "overmount," often heard in discussing kitchen sinks.


The Beauty and Function of a Vessel Sink


With a vessel sink, the top and side of the bowl are visible, while the plumbing is hidden below. Since you can see the majority of the sink, you select a vessel sink more for aesthetics than just for function. You can choose a bowl that is round, square, or oblong, and one that is tall and deep or low and wide. While there are variations in traditional porcelain, you can also choose from natural stone, brushed nickel, and hammered copper. You can even have your contractor convert a favorite bowl from a vacation, antique or flea market find into a vessel sink as long as it is structurally sound.


The design goes back to earlier times when the sink consisted of a bowl and a water pitcher in a bedroom, but vessel sinks have been popular for the last five years or so. They have moved from the "trendy" to the mainstream in bathroom design, and they are an option for remodels at all price points. While you can spend thousands of dollars on a custom-designed vessel sink, beautiful models are available at well under $100.


Making a Statement, Even in a Small Room


Often, a vessel sink is paired with a unique faucet that is tall enough to come up past bowl. The faucet becomes part of the statement piece that the vessel sink itself makes. Most small bathrooms present few opportunities to stand out, but a vessel sink and faucet can turn the ordinary into extraordinary.


Should you consider a vessel sink for your bathroom remodel? The question is whether it would fit into your room design and offer you the accessibility you need, without taking up too much valuable counter space. There are a few pros and cons to consider before selecting this type of sink.


Pros of a Vessel Sink


  • A vessel sink is easy to install, and although you are not thinking about this at first, is easy to replace if you decide you want a different style.

  • Available in many heights and configurations, it is easy to find one that is a comfortable to use when you are standing at the sink. 

  • As it sits atop the surface, the sink does not take up undercounter space in the vanity below, allowing you to have more cabinet and drawer space.


Cons of a Vessel Sink


  • Since many designs are tall, the sink might not work well in bathrooms that small children use, or for wheelchair-bound users, as both would find the many variations of the sink too high. 

  • The tall faucet can splash more than a standard faucet; another consideration with small children using the bathroom.

  • While the sink is stable, it could be pulled out of place if a child tries to pull himself up on it or an adult grabs onto it for support.


Selecting a low, wide model can help with both accessibility and stability issues.


Work with Your Bathroom Remodeling Professional


When you are doing a bathroom remodel, installing a vessel sink can be a beautiful addition. Hiring an experienced contractor like Falk Construction, Inc. can help you make the right selection for your space and properly install a vessel sink you will love.

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