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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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A Custom Home Gives You Exactly What You Want

October 20, 2015


Custom cars, custom clothing, custom homes — they all have one thing in common; they’re specifically tailored to your tastes. It’s not a service just anyone can afford, but if you can, it’s definitely the best way to go.


What will look and feel better on you — custom-made jeans that are tailored to your every dimension, or a pair off the shelf at Old Navy that’s four inches too long and requires a belt to close the huge gap at the back?


Making Do


The answer is obvious, and the same goes for the home you live in. Sure, you can move into an existing home and try to repurpose it for your needs, but you can only go so far. What if you’re a big reader and you have an extensive book collection and nowhere to put it? You could have a carpenter build in some bookcases for you, but it won’t look the same as it would if you had your own library, complete with floor-to-ceiling mahogany shelves, a ladder and leather wing chairs.


You can work with the kitchen cabinets that came with the place, but they don’t really suit your needs. They’re not wide enough and you can’t reach the top shelves. You could do a kitchen remodel. You can even knock down a wall or two, or bump the kitchen out and reclaim some space from the back yard. But if you’re going to spend tens of thousands remodeling, you might want to look at custom building.


Remember when calculating costs that custom building includes individualized blueprints. You can buy a piece of land and have a house built on it, but it’s not custom if you use standard blueprints. What you have there is a brand-new house, but not a custom house.


Lots of Choices


It can be difficult to embark on the custom-building path if you don’t already have a clear vision of what you want. Your architect and builder can help you, but you ultimately must guide their hand and make the big decisions.


On the flip side of the coin, you may know exactly what you want, and it may not be the same as what your partner wants. Not many people build a custom home on their own, so to get the house of your dreams, you may have to do some compromising and share your dreams with your partner. It can get particularly dicey if one of you has sweeping staircases and ornate chandeliers in mind, and the other has dreams of a modern glass-and-metal structure.


If you are considering building your own custom home, come talk to us at Falk Construction Inc. We have built hundreds of custom homes in and around the Ogden area. We can even show you some pictures of our fabulous work, to illustrate how we can make your dreams of building a custom home come true.



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