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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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This Is Your Last Year without a Kitchen Renovation

December 4, 2015


The type of renovations your kitchen needs will become apparent over the holidays, if they haven’t already.

Ah, December, the month in which expectations run high and time and money runs low. It can be a combustible combo. This year, approach it with a new resolve: Next year, it won’t be like this.


Older homes featured large, eat-in kitchens because these rooms were the centers of the home. It’s where a lot of women spent their days (and nights) and where the family gathered to enjoy a meal together.


A Timeline for Kitchens


The dawn of TV dinners and modern appliances made life easier for women, and they were no longer chained to this room. It sat empty more often. Home builders got away from huge kitchens and instead focused on what some of you may fondly remember as the “rec room.” Home of paisley-patterned furniture, shag carpets, glass ashtrays, cheap paneling and perhaps a Parcheesi board (thereby allowing it to qualify as “rec”), these rooms became the new, “hip” centers of American life.


Time went by. More women entered the workforce, kids became overscheduled and the kitchen became a withered remnant of family life, a tiny place illuminated by a lone bulb in a range hood jutting out over a stove dusty with neglect, a room into which family members would scurry, one at a time at odd hours, to heat up frozen foods in the microwave.


So we’ve come back around the circle a bit. The kitchen is no longer a prison nor a deserted island. We may not use our kitchens as much as our parents generation, but when we do use them, we want to have space to cook what we want, how we want. 


More People, More Food, Less Room


Holiday time often means company — relatives, friends, party guests. Company needs to be entertained, and entertaining involves food. If you are trying to prepare food in a cramped kitchen with little counter space, Santa is going to notice how grumpy you get.


This year, when your mom tells you how you should be preparing food, when the kids are constantly getting underfoot looking for snacks while you’re trying to stuff a turkey, when guests are crowding into your tiny space and dirty dishes are stacked high, make notes.


If what you need is more room for people to move in and out, you may want to avoid getting an island. Keep the floor space clear, or get a small table on wheels and a couple of chairs that can easily be moved out the way when guests arrive.


A Place for Everything


If your counters are cluttered with appliances you had to have but only make one dish (rice cooker, sandwich toaster, popcorn popper), consider ousting them all in favor of a pot and a pan that can be easily put away. Ha! No — we’re just kidding.


What you need is more storage space. Get cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling that you can fill up with your ancillary cookware. It’s a much better use of space than those dusty wicker baskets full of fake plants you have up there now.


Smile through this year’s holiday preparation, then, after everyone goes home, call Falk Construction. We’ll sit down with you and listen to what your needs are and help you plan the perfect kitchen renovation for the new year.



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