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February 10, 2016

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Adding a Room to Your Attic Solves Space Woes

December 11, 2015


Everyone adds rooms to the basement, but what about the attic? Don’t overlook this fabulous resource when planning how to get more space in your home without knocking down any walls.


You have paid for every square foot of your home — even the ones you don’t use. It can be a little like buying fruits and vegetables at the grocery store and forgetting about them until they go bad — you’re not getting your money’s worth, but a home is a lot more expensive than a bag of oranges and grapefruits.


Maximizing space in your home is a must. The problem is, when you share your home with your family, clutter-busting techniques might not be enough to solve your problem, especially if you’re trying to provide each family member with his or her own room.


Growing Family


Your girls or your boys might have shared a room with bunkbeds fairly happily when they were little, playing together with their toys for hours. But now that they’re older, they need privacy — a place they can go to be alone with their teenage angst and not be fearful someone will burst in upon them. Where will you put them?


The attic, of course! Many people use their finished basements to provide extra room for a growing or grown child, and this can be handy because these spaces often have their own entrances, so your kids won’t wake you up coming home late at night. But this plan has drawbacks, too.


Maybe you want to know what time they come home at night. Maybe your basement isn’t waterproof. Depending on your climate and the R-value of the insulation down there, the space could get uncomfortable. It may get too cold, or it may be damp and have a lingering odor. Despite regular visits from the exterminator, you might still get crickets, ants, mice or worse in the basement as well.


Better Options


An attic can be a better choice for expansion than a basement because you can add the proper amount of insulation before you finish the walls, helping to ensure a comfortable climate in your new space. You will definitely get more natural light in an attic than you would in a basement. Depending on your home’s construction, you may place windows at either end of a long room, you might decide to add dormers, or, to save money, skylights.


An attic room is usually one long, continuous space, whereas a basement bedroom is usually smaller and boxier. Either is suitable, but the attic room is easier to repurpose after the kids move out as a guest room, office or hobby room. If or when you decide to sell your home, an attic room is more attractive because it can be more readily used as a bright nursery or playroom.


If you are thinking of expanding the usable space in your home, call Falk Construction today. We are the experts in remodeling solutions. Adding a room to your attic can increase your home’s value and give your family the square footage you need to live happily, so give us a call today to discuss your ideas and get a free estimate.



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