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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016


A kitchen without flow and function isn’t a hub for your family — it’s a hubbub.


If your space is cramped, you don’t have room for anything and you can never find what you want, it may be time for a kitchen renovation.


Depending on when your house was built, your kitchen layout may be dated. Regardless of age, however, every kitchen should have the work triangle laid out properly — stove, fridge and sink. If these three important kitchen features are situated too far apart — or too close together — it can make your job of preparing meals harder.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to overhaul this all-important room in your home.


Make a List


When deciding what you want your ultimate kitchen to look like, it might be easier to first pinpoint what you don’t want rather than what you do want. 

  • Is either your stove or your fridge crammed into a corner, making it hard to get to and harder still to open the door(s)?

  • Do weird, Formica promontories jut into your space in an unexpected fashion, wreaking havoc?

  • Do you have a door to the basement, another room or the outside that seriously divides up your space, turning part of your kitchen into an island when you don’t even have an island?

Time to streamline.


Be Realistic


While everyone might want a sprawling kitchen complete with center island with stools, a coffee bar, wine fridge, double oven, etc., etc., the reality is, many of us don’t have that much room. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it!


If you have a separate, formal dining room that you don’t use that often or just aren’t loving, consider knocking down the wall between it and the kitchen — or at least part of the wall. This will open up the space and give you a less walled-in feeling.


Give to Get


You want more than just a feeling though. If you have a dining room plus a small table and chairs in your kitchen, you’re squeezing in too much seating and not enough workspace and storage. Take a long, hard look at your square footage. Sometimes less is more.


Consider retiring the kitchen table and chairs in favor of an island — it provides tons more storage. Islands, tables, countertops and any flat surfaces, really, are prone to collecting mail, sweatshirts, the fruits of shopping expeditions and more, so keep in mind that sometimes it isn’t storing that’s the answer — it’s junking.


Go Pro


If you’re at a loss as to how to plan your new kitchen layout so you can restore calm and order to the most important room in your home, come down and talk to the experts here at Falk Construction. We’ve been remodeling kitchens for so many years we’ve done some of the same ones twice! Our experts know what will work in your space and what won’t.


Call Falk Construction today for an appointment to talk to an experienced professional about restoring flow and function to your kitchen.


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