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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Do You Need Remodeling, or KonMari?

February 12, 2016


Many people think the first step in remodeling is careful planning. But it’s not. It’s KonMari.


You’ve heard of it, right? No? You don’t know what you’re missing!


Marie Kondo, Japanese decluttering maven, has her second book out on the subject of how to get rid of stuff you don’t need. (For inspiration, check out her website, tidyingup.com, or this video of her perfectly folding socks and underwear.)


Two of Kondo’s main directive are:

  1. Do all your decluttering at once, not a little bit each day.

  2. Get rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy.”

For instance, delve into your closet, if you dare. Experts recommend if you are working on losing weight to keep only clothes that are your current size and those that are one size up and one size down. If you keep a full wardrobe in six different sizes, you’ll have nothing but a mess.


Besides, do those size 6 jeans spark joy, or do they spark a sort of fear/horror mixture? Out they go!




Kitchens can be challenging because you may have a lot of items you use rarely but still feel you need. You may have a special turkey platter you only use on Thanksgiving, or a set of dishes with a Christmas tree pattern for the holidays. It’s good to hold on to some of this stuff, but you must put a limit on how much you’ll keep, then store it somewhere that isn’t the kitchen.


If you have a rice cooker, sandwich maker, griddle, fryolator, fondue pot, electric skillet, quesadilla maker, etc., consider replacing them all with a pot and a pan. You will get back tons of counter and storage space, plus years of your life otherwise spent on cleaning these nonsubmersible tools.




Basements hold more stuff than kitchens because they’re bigger, but you tend to hang onto the stuff longer because it’s so out of the way. You go down into the basement less often than you go into your kitchen, and you may make a beeline for the washer and dryer, ignoring those large plastic totes filled with old boots and mismatched gloves.

Does the darkness of your basement and what it harbors spark joy? You bet it doesn’t. Get rid of all that junk, then you’ll have a starting point.




Bathrooms may hold a smaller volume of items, but they’re likely sheltering a larger number of items. In fact, the number may be staggering. When you think of the bathroom baggage that goes with only one person — shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, mousses, gels, hairspray, hairdryer, curling iron, straightener, brushes, combs, hairpins, ponytail holders. And that’s only for hair!


If anyone in your house is the sort of person who keeps up to a dozen bottles of shampoo around, all with less than an inch of product left at the bottom, your problem is majorly compounded. This menagerie definitely doesn’t spark joy, but can you get rid of it all?




Decluttering is a valuable skill, but let’s face it — it’s not one everyone can master. And if you live with a clutterbug, you have two problems — clutter and resentment.


Sometimes the only answer is more space, and that’s when you want to call Falk Construction. We can make any room in your house bigger and more functional, so you have more space for the stuff you want to keep, and a place to put it all away.


Call the experts here at Falk Construction today to talk about remodeling your kitchen, basement, bathroom or any other space in your house, so all your rooms spark joy.



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