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February 10, 2016

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Remodeling Bathrooms in Small Spaces

February 22, 2016


Remodeling a small bathroom is more of a challenge than remodeling a large bathroom, but it can be cheaper too, because you need less material.


Here in America, anything small often gets short shrift. Bigger is better. McMansions. Big Gulps. Venti macchiatos. Supersize me. 


But let’s face it, not all of us have room for separate tubs and shower stalls, double sinks or that hallmark of bathroom absurdity — a chair. Who just sits in a chair in the bathroom?


The Basics


Decide what’s important in your space and start there. You need a toilet, but you might not need a new one. If you decide to keep it and it’s white, it will be easier to match your new tub and sink to it. If it’s a shade of beige, it can be more of a challenge to get an exact match.


If your bathtub is old and/or stained, it will have to go. You may want to go with a one-piece tub surround — no more caulking!


If not, you’ll have to decide what kind of tub surround you want — plastic, tile, etc. You have a lot of choices in this area, but if you go with tile, remember that the rest of your walls can be plaster or wallboard. This can save money.


Cabinetry is pretty important, since it will house the bulk of your bathroom necessities. Get as much as you can fit in — it’s not like later you’re going to wish you had less.


The Little Things


Sometimes the details are really what make a room.


When you have a small bathroom, forget about hanging a trendy mirror in place of a medicine cabinet. It’s just not practical — you need a place to store your toiletries.

If your heart is set on a trendy-looking medicine cabinet, look hard and you’ll likely be able to find oval-shape mirrors with ornate frames that open to reveal traditional oblong (useful) cabinets.


Add some wall sconces, and you’re all ready for BH&G. Don’t put your makeup on in there, though — the lighting will be all wrong for that with sconces. If it’s your only bathroom and you have to use it to shave or otherwise groom yourself, you can opt for vanity lighting overhead — it’s still fashionable, but functional too.


If space is at a premium, you may want to forgo candlesticks, vases of flowers, rocks and seashells on your vanity top, despite what you see in magazines.


Be Practical


White is a popular color for bathrooms, which is both a blessing and a curse. White is going look dirtier more quickly. But it also makes a small space look bigger because it’s so bright, and it lends itself well to bleaching out mold and mildew stains if your bathroom tends to get these.


Mold and mildew are the results of a moisture/humidity problem, so make an exhaust fan part of your remodeling plan (or get a bigger or better one if you already have one). This should help, but it may not fix the problem entirely if you live in a humid area, your bathroom has no windows, or you have multiple teenagers showering for long periods of time and leaving lots of wet towels piled up in there.


If you’re interested in learning about more options for your small bathroom, call us here at Falk Construction. We’re the experts in remodeling bathrooms of all types and sizes.






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