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February 10, 2016

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Ready to Build a Custom Home?

March 14, 2016



Building a custom home is not for the faint of heart. You must be brave, patient and have faith that the hole in the ground you see today will be your home one day.


One Georgia builder has a checklist online with 122 steps! Thankfully, most of these are completed by the builder and not the owner, but still, it helps illustrate how monumental the task is.


Building a custom home incorporates literally thousands of details, each of which translates into an opportunity for something to go wrong, and that’s why you want a skilled and experienced general contractor leading your army of skilled craftsmen (and women).


If you’re considering building a custom home, take a look at this (shorter) checklist to see what you’re up against.


Scout Out Some Land


Many people who build a custom home have a piece of land they bought years ago, or a parcel that may have been carved out of a family plot. In those cases, you’ve got to work with what you already have, but if you’re shopping for land, keep the following considerations in mind:


  • Is it near a road? If not, you’ll have to build your own, which will add to the cost even if you don’t pave it. Unpaved roads are also hard (and expensive) to plow.

  • Can you hook up to water and sewer? If not, you’ll have to add in the expense of drilling a well and installing a septic system.

  • Is the land clear? Clearing land of trees, stumps and rocks is a real undertaking, and if it needs leveling as well, you need to factor that in.

  • Are there any building restrictions? Check with the local municipality ahead of time to make sure they have put no stipulations on the house of your dreams. 


Select an Architect


This extra step is what makes your custom home custom — there won’t be another one like it. Many homeowners build their homes from the ground up, but they use ready-drawn blueprints instead, to save money.

Working with an architect takes time, partly because it involves you, the homeowner-to-be, making hundreds of decisions. And you haven’t even broken ground yet!


Choose a General Contractor


They don’t call this job “general” for nothing. They don’t bark orders (usually), but someone has to be in charge of pulling permits, hiring and vetting subcontractors, buying materials and managing the construction timeline

It’s a huge job, and it usually goes on for at least a year.


When you embark on building a custom house, you want a partner with you every step of the way, and Falk Construction is your best choice. We have built hundreds of homes in and around the Ogden area, and that’s what makes us the experts.


If you want to build a custom home, don’t do it without FCI, northern Utah’s building experts.



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