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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Where to Add a Room? Over Your Garage!

April 25, 2016


Do you want to add a room, but you don’t know where to put it?


We’ve all seen those houses with awkward additions stuck onto the side or the back. If you need more space in your house and you don’t want some artless room slapdashed on, think about putting your room over the attic.


Building a room over the attic is a great use of space. You don’t lose an inch of land, and you gain a huge amount of living space — especially if you have a two-car garage!


Keep these important things in mind if you are planning to add a room over your garage.


Make sure your structure is sound. 


Depending on how old your home is, your garage may be showing signs of age, or simply unable to handle the weight of a second story. 

Two-car garages may be sound, but the large floor space may require extra supports at particular intervals, and care has to be taken that they do not interfere with the space below to park the cars.


Insulate it properly.


A garage room is unlike any other room in your house because it should get insulation not only in the walls, but the floor and ceiling as well. 

Some people say you don’t really need insulation between the garage and the room, since hot air rises. This is true, but the floors can still sometimes feel cold, so at the very least, put some nice, thick carpet down over some padding.  Check local codes, however; some require insulation here to prevent dangerous fumes from vehicles from seeping into living spaces.

It’s critical to insulate the ceiling, though, since it’s a direct path to the outside. Many people complain their garage rooms aren’t warm enough, and many of these problems can be traced back to inadequate insulation, improper window installation or heating vents that are too small for the space.


Decide if you will need plumbing. 


Roughing in plumbing costs thousands, and when you add in the cost of fixtures, tiling and labor, it makes a big difference in the bottom line. Whether you really need it depends on what you’ll be using the room for.


If it’s for your in-laws and you expect they will be living there for years, they’re going to need a kitchen and bathroom (or they will be using yours). 


If it’s for your son (why is it always a son?), ask yourself if you’d be better served skipping the plumbing and donating half the amount it would have cost to put in to his security deposit on his own place.


Adding a room over a garage is a great idea, but the job has to be done right. Falk Construction has been putting additions on homes all over the Ogden area for decades. If you think you’d like to add a room above your garage, call Falk Construction today for a free estimate and more ideas on how to make your new space perfect for your family. 



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