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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Raise the Roof to Get the Space You Need

May 6, 2016


Your family will raise the roof when you finally decide to expand your living space.


And therein will be the secret to you finding the extra room — raise the roof!


In this day and age, there’s not as much room as there used to be to grow wider — at least not with your house, anyway! As the world fills up with people, we take up more space, and our allotted sections become smaller.


It’s not that crowded in Utah yet, but zoning ordinances may prevent you from expanding your house in a way that increases its footprint on your property. Even if expansion is allowed, you may not want to cover precious yard space with more building. That’s when expanding up, instead of out, becomes the solution.


Raise the Roof a Little or a Lot


There are several ways to raise the roof, from minor design adjustments to major structural changes. What if all you want is more space and a little more light? Then you may just want to bump up a small section of roof and add a row of narrow windows. Depending on your home’s layout, this small change could deliver air, light and space to several rooms.


Other solutions for creating more space on the second floor include adding dormers. A dormer can be as narrow as a few feet, or many times this size. You can put dormers just on the front of your house, or on both the front and back. Dormers allow more freedom of movement in the space, and also more room for furniture and storage.


If you have attic space but no second (or third) floor, you can bump the whole roof up a few feet to give you an entire extra level! But only if your house can withstand the extra weight. Turning an existing attic with adequate space into a small extra bedroom, sitting room or playroom is a fairly simple project in comparison to essentially plucking the roof off, adding another story and plunking it back down again.


Raise the Roof and Home Value


Although raising the roof is an involved renovation, it’s rewarding and a great investment. The extra square footage a project like this provides adds tons to your home value — and your personal satisfaction!


If you need some extra room in your house, whether it’s floor space, headroom or storage, talk to us here at Falk Construction. We’ve been building solutions for cramped homeowners for 33 years, so we have the experience and the know-how to guide you in your decision.


Call Falk Construction today if want to raise the roof and get some much-needed extra space.




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