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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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New Home Builder Must-Haves

June 6, 2016


What should you look for in a new home builder? The list is long, but one quality stands out more than any other: trustworthiness.


When you build your own home, you probably will be spending more money on that project than on any other in your lifetime. Plus, you will live in your home every day, and you want to be happy there. If mistakes — costly mistakes — were made, you will feel angry every time you enter your home. You want your home to be a calm place of refuge, not a reminder of plans gone awry.


So what traits should you make sure your new home builder has?




Everyone’s got to start somewhere — no one was born knowing how to erect walls and hang doors. So new businesses aren’t necessarily something to be wary of. In fact, you can sometimes get a good deal with a new business by paying less for a job because the company needs new clients.


But the new owners should be able to provide names of previous home builders from whom they have learned their trade. And they should start with small projects, not with a 25-room mansion. For an undertaking like that, you’ll want someone who’s been around for a while.




How’s your penmanship? And you’ve been writing most of your life, right? What we’re saying is, practice doesn’t always make perfect. Some companies do the same work for years, but they never really get great at it, or they don’t grow with their experience. Before you hire a new home builder, look at some of the company’s previous work to see if it’s up to your standards.




No matter how skilled your builder is, if he isn’t there, it doesn’t matter. Building contractors are notorious for not keeping to their schedules. It’s true that it can be a challenge sometimes — the material isn’t delivered, the electrician fails to show up, it rains. But there’s no excuse for disappearing for weeks at a time. You’ve got to be there — day in and day out — until the job gets done.


All of these qualities are important, but none is as important as being able to trust your new home builder. If experience is slightly lacking, if skill isn’t 100 percent up to par or if their reliability needs tweaking, all this can be remedied if they are trustworthy, because they will rectify any mistakes, and not rest until you are satisfied with their work — and that’s how good companies develop experience, skill and reliability.


Falk Construction has been building and remodeling homes for more than 30 years, so we have all these qualities and more. If you are looking for a new home builder, look no further than Falk Construction!



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