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February 10, 2016

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Adding a Second Story Can Double Your Living Space

July 22, 2016


If you need more space, adding a second story might be the answer.


Many families eventually outgrow the home they bought, the one they thought would be adequate for their needs. A number of factors can affect how or why this happens.

  • Your family grows. Maybe you and your spouse planned to have two or three children, but — surprise! — the last one turned out to be twins! Every child is a blessing, but you still need space for them.

  • Relatives move in. Whether it’s your newly widowed mom, your aging father-in-law or your nephew who’s going to the nearby college, extra relatives in your house can make it seem cramped. Everyone needs their own space.

  • You knew your house was too small to begin with. You and your spouse may have bought your house with the idea that it was a “starter home,” a small, first house for newlyweds who want to become acquainted with homeownership and make an investment.

Your plan may have been to sell when you started a family, but you’ve fallen in love with your home and the community and just can’t bear to leave it. You need your house to match your new needs.


Whatever the reason you need to expand, there are lots of ways to do it, but not all of them may be feasible for your plot of land. For instance, you may not have room to add on to the back or side of your home. Merely raising the roof might not give you enough space, and you can’t add a room over the garage if you don’t have a garage.


So you think adding a second story is your best bet. Here’s where to start:

  • Check the zoning laws. Make sure before you get too deep into your plan that you are even allowed to go through with it.

  • Confirm that your structure can handle the weight. A second story is as heavy as the first — have professionals evaluate your foundation and walls to make sure they can bear the load.

  • Apply for a home improvement loan. Adding a second story is a bigger investment than simply remodeling or adding a room. It’s true that you are adding a lot more value to your home, but regardless of the worth of the investment, you must be able to afford the payments to make these improvements, and it’s best to qualify before you get too far along in the process.

If you’re thinking of adding a second story and you need help clearing these preliminary hurdles, call the experts at Falk Construction. We can do the paperwork for you, get all necessary permits, certify your home is sound enough to support a second story and give you a detailed estimate of the construction costs to take to the bank with you.


Adding a second story is an exciting undertaking and a great investment, so call Falk Construction today to get started!




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