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February 10, 2016

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Add a Garage and Get the Room You Need

July 29, 2016


Have you always wanted to add a garage to your home?


A garage is great not just for keeping your car in, but also for storing items like tools, gardening supplies and sporting goods that otherwise clutter up your home.


If you want to add a garage, consider putting a room on top at the same time and greatly expanding your living space. Sometimes homeowners want to add a room on later, only to find out the garage they have won’t bear the weight of a second story. Planning the whole project now means you won’t be disappointed later or have to retrofit.

Another issue that can arise when adding living space on top of the garage is problems with HVAC. The garage ceiling/extra room floor should be sufficiently thick and filled with the highest-rated insulation. Without this, your extra room will be uncomfortably cold, not to mention full of noxious fumes from the cars stored below.


Some specifications to consider when planning your addition include:


Freestanding or attached?


Attached is cheaper, and if you’re running electricity and plumbing out there, it’s much easier. But if your garage will be used mostly for storing equipment like tractors and hauling vehicles, locating it on a different area of your property might make more sense.


One Car or Two?


Modern homes with garages usually have room for two cars — the single-car household is rare these days. When you compare the cost of a two-car garage to a single-car garage, you’ll find that it’s more, but not twice as much more, so it may be worth it to go ahead with the larger one. You’ll get a larger return on investment down the road as well.


Windows or no?


You can have windows in your garage door, but other people like windows in the walls as well. The upside is that it looks nice and provides natural light. The downside is that it costs a bit more, and it provides prospective thieves a glimpse into what you’re keeping in there, plus easier access to it than they’d get without windows.


Wiring and HVAC?


Most people have some type of electricity in their garage, if for no other reason than to operate the garage door. But adding extra lighting fixtures and outlets is an option too.


Many people do not have heat or A/C in their garages, but if this room is going to double as your workshop, it will be a worthwhile addition. And if you’re going with the extra room, these features will be necessary anyway.


If you want to add a garage to your home, call us here at Falk Construction. We’ve been doing home renovations and remodeling projects in and around Ogden for 33 years. Contact us today to talk about adding a garage — and even an extra room — to your home.




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