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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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5 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

September 19, 2016


Does your bathroom need remodeling? Is it weird or old or ugly? Or all three?


You don’t need a reason to remodel your bathroom, but if you’d feel better if you had one, here are five:


It’s Pink


If any of your tiles or fixtures are pink, that’s reason enough to remodel your bathroom, even if they’re in good shape. In fact, if they’re green or blue or yellow or in any way reminiscent of the 1950s and you are not currently living in a museum, these tiles and fixtures have to go.

It’s Mildewed


Mold and mildew are going to grow in your bathroom. It’s wet, it’s hot, it’s a tropical paradise for fungi. Your weekly cleaning should rid your bathroom of these unsightly parasites, and if it doesn’t, a little bleach should do the trick. But stubborn mold growing on old grout or around broken tiles is tough to get rid of — you may need a bathroom remodel. Out with the old, in with the new!

It Has a Shower Door on Tracks 


Today’s shower doors are all glass. No tracks allowed. We can say it’s because of the trend toward “clean lines,” but really, it’s the trend toward clean. Those old aluminum tracks are a catchall for soap scum, hair, shampoo, conditioner and anything else you bring in the shower. Despite some carefully placed drain holes, these tracks quickly fill with crud that’s almost impossible to get rid of. Get rid of the doors instead.


The Fixtures Are in Weird Places


Sometimes you wonder who would install a toilet so that the door hits it every time you come into the bathroom. Bathrooms have three main elements: sink, toilet, tub/shower. There’s technically no wrong way to lay them out, yet some people do. If you have weird empty space in your bathroom or you can’t move around in it, it’s time to move around your fixtures with a bathroom remodel.


It Won’t Come Clean


You scrub and scrub, you’ve bought every product on the market, and still your tub looks grungy. Maybe your sink has green stains or your toilet has lime deposits. Sometimes you can get these clean, but other times it’s too late. Fifty or 100 years is a long time to keep a bathroom fixture. In some cases, the porcelain may have even worn away, revealing the cast iron underneath. The quick fix on sale at Home Depot may not work for you this time.


If your bathroom has any of these problems and you would like to correct them, call us here at Falk Construction. We’re the experts at bathroom remodels. From the tiniest powder room to the most luxurious spa, we can transform this important room in your home.


Call us today to get started planning your bathroom remodel!

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