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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Are You Due for a Kitchen Remodel?

September 26, 2016


Kitchen remodeling is the second-most popular renovation in the United States, behind only bathroom remodeling, according to a recent Huffington Post story.


Why? Kitchens are arguably the most important room in our homes, although the bathroom (again) is right up there.


Food for Life


We love our kitchens for a lot of reasons, but their function is basic: We need to eat to live. Of course we don’t need to cook to live, but most of us do. You could get by with a microwave and a coffeepot in a fourth-floor walkup SRO, but then you’d have to move to Flatbush.


So you want your kitchen to be functional, modern and fun to be in (if possible). How to achieve that with a kitchen remodel?


Kitchen Remodel for Function


First, respect the triangle. The kitchen work triangle refers to the placement of your refrigerator, stove and sink. These should be close enough to each other for you to move easily and quickly from one to the other, not situated in far-flung corners of the room or all lined up.


All of your appliances should work. If only three of your four stove burners turn on, you’re at a disadvantage. And you shouldn’t have a dirty towel jammed under the front of the fridge to catch that elusive drip no repairman can seem to fix.


Your sink should be big enough to wash food and stack dirty dishes in, and you should have a working garbage disposal. Even New York and New Jersey have legalized garbage disposals now, so you don’t have to wait until late at night to grind up those cucumber peels anymore.


That’s function, now we address form.


What’s Your Style?


You don’t have to go modern or contemporary with your kitchen remodel if you prefer antique or French country, but you need some kind of look. Keeping the veneer cabinets with bowed inlaid panels that were popular in the ’80s is not an option. You’re also not loving the yellow linoleum or the Formica on the counters.


You have a lot of options when doing a kitchen remodel. You could get marble tile flooring, you could get wood or you could get more linoleum. If it’s new, it will look better, even if you go with a cheap option.


It’s the same with countertops. Everyone wants granite, but not everyone can afford it. A popular choice is laminate. Buy a few cutting boards with the savings and your counters will stay beautiful.


Make Your Own Fun


As for the fun? That’s up to you. Add in speakers and listen to your favorite songs while you cook. Put in a TV and break up the boredom with a little Dancing with the Stars. Involve other family members (unless that would make it less fun), or get yourself a glass of wine and bowl of chocolate chips to snack on while you wait for the timer to ring.


If your kitchen is poorly laid out, old-fashioned or just plain boring, call us here at Falk Construction. We’ll remodel your kitchen so it’s the envy of the neighborhood!



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