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February 10, 2016

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Build the Perfect Playroom

January 6, 2016


Where are you going to put all those new toys? In the playroom, of course!


What’s that? You don’t have a playroom? That means you must have Barbies and Legos and stuffed animals and Matchbox cars scattered throughout your living room, dining room, kitchen and every other room.


Do you want to reclaim your house?


What you need is a playroom. Your finished basement may be your de facto playroom, but a reconfiguration could transform it from confining and cluttered to an open, airy, dynamic use of space.


Tear Down This Wall!


Rambler-style houses have the benefit of large basements. But these basements are often chopped up into a big room and several smaller ones — a bedroom or two, a laundry room or a utility room. Knocking down some walls can help.


Two critical elements of a playroom are space and storage, and the best way to go about having each is to be flexible. Start with taking out any walls that aren’t necessary (but not the support beams).


Wasted Space


A laundry room is nice, but without walls, you can see what your kids are doing while you attack those mountains of dirty clothes.


Grandparents sleep in the bedroom when they come to stay, but how often is that, really? A full-sized bed takes up valuable space 24/7. Get a futon, an inflatable bed or a Murphy bed. You don’t have to make them sleep on it — give them your room when they come and you take the basement.


What you want walled up are only the basics — the hot water heater and furnace. Everything else is OK to look at.

Now you’ve got your space, how about your flexibility?


Invest in a Shelving System


Consider Elfa closet solutions for the walls. The system is attractive and durable and can be reconfigured endlessly as your family’s needs change. Use it to store everything from the tiniest crayon to the giant Jamaican banana your nephew won at the fair and gave to your kids. 


A bonus is that these systems are often on sale through the month of January. They keep everything tidy, out of sight and flush up against the wall, leaving your space wide open.


Movable Walls


Depending on your children’s personalities, you can put up portable “walls” to designate certain areas. Curtains could act as a hideaway or playhouse, or bookcases could serve to make a little “room” containing a table and chairs for tea parties. These are easily moved and changed as kids grow and their interests change.


Other areas could be earmarked for dress-up or doing messy crafts. Or maybe you have kids that would use the space to ride their scooters, bowl, throw balls or do gymnastics. They don’t need walls. They might need carpet though.


That’s another consideration. You might want a tiled area for easy cleanup when kids are painting or using Play-Doh or pogo sticks, and a separate, carpeted area for lying down with a book, watching a video or playing with dolls.


For more ideas on how to reconfigure your basement as the ideal playroom, call Falk Construction. We’re the experts in basement remodeling, and we can help you create the perfect playroom space for your kids — no matter what they like to play.



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