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February 10, 2016

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Holiday Time = Renovation Time

October 12, 2016



Is your family coming for the holidays? If so, home renovations might be on your to-do list.


The temperatures are cooler, the leaves are turning colors, and soon it will be Thanksgiving. Not long after that are the winter holidays, when guests stay even longer.



It’s not that you don’t want them to stay. (OK, sometimes you don’t.) But mostly it’s a space and comfort issue. If you have a three-bedroom house with a finished basement and one full bath and two half baths, that means you’ve got one place to take a shower.


Not Enough Room in the Inn


A family of four plus Grandma and Grandpa makes six. Maybe old people don’t always shower every day, but what if your brother or sister and his or her family come too? You have to drag out the air mattresses and the extra towels, and every morning a line forms outside your bathroom like you’re running an illegal SRO in the suburbs.


It’s time to renovate that basement powder room and make it a full-fledged bathroom.


If you need to save space (and money), just put a shower stall in there. No one is putting tubs in their bathrooms anymore anyway. Also consider separate, distinct areas for the shower and the toilet, so different people can use each one at the same time. It’s helpful when you have a crowd over.


Sequester Them Downstairs


Once you have renovated and you have a real bathroom the basement, it will help cut down on clutter when guests are over. They won’t need to traipse all the way upstairs with their toiletries and leave them all over your bathroom — they can leave them in the basement bathroom.


If they’re slobs and they leave towels all over and lots of jars and bottles on the countertop with the caps off, you won’t even need to see this the whole time they’re visiting. When they’re gone, all you’ll have to do is go down there and pick up the towels and sheets and throw them in the wash and you’ll be all set.


Renovations for Comfort


Maybe your guests aren’t slobs, but maybe they don’t have the best manners either, and they keep hinting they’d like better sleeping arrangements when they come over. A cavernous space with ’70s paneling, shag carpeting and a neon light advertising Coors Light does not make for luxury accommodations.


If you live in a ranch or rambler, you should have enough space in the basement for a separate bedroom, or even two. It might be time for a little renovating down there. Pop psychologists are always telling people to take down their walls to improve relationships, but in this case, putting up a few will probably help a lot.


Are you expecting guests for the holidays? If so, call Falk Construction. We can renovate your basement, expand your bathroom or even add on another room. Make the holidays happier — contact Falk today.



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