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February 10, 2016

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Rely on a General Contractor for Your Project’s Success

October 18, 2016

General contractors are like party planners — they’re the experts who bring everyone together to get you exactly what you want.



A number of homeowners think it’s a good idea to act as their own general contractor. After all, they think, they’re not doing any of the real work, they’re just hiring others to do it. Little do they know how much real work hiring others is!

General Contractor Coordinates Subcontractors

Suppose you want to add on a bedroom and bathroom to your home. You’ll need a contractor to lay the foundation and another to do the framing. Framers don’t usually do finish work, so you’ll need others for this — maybe separate drywall hangers, hardwood floor installers, painters, tile layers, and masons if you’re having any stonework done.
Then you’ll need contractors for your utilities — plumbing, electricity and possibly gas.

The list may seem endless. You may have a few leads to start out — friends or family prefer this or that contractor. But what if your first choice is booked? You may find yourself back at square one, looking for recommendations.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

When you have a general contractor who has been in the business for a while, they will know who to call if your first choice isn’t available.

And even more important, your general contractor will know who not to call. Many a construction budget has been decimated by unreliable contractors who don’t show up, dishonest contractors who accept payment but don’t deliver, or subpar contractors who do shoddy work.

It’s like moving into a new neighborhood and taking the time to find the best place to buy meat, where the 24-hour pharmacy is and who makes the best Chinese food. Your foray might initially be based on recommendations, but forming your final choices comes down to trial and error and experience.

Even if you were finally able to compile a complete list of contractors willing to do all the work, coordinating their efforts is another huge job.

General Contractors Plan the Sequence

Construction work usually follows a particular pattern. For instance, wiring must be complete before drywall is installed. What if your electrician’s last project is running behind schedule, and he can’t get to you for another two weeks? This idles many of the other workers, and puts your project behind schedule.

A good general contractor will be able to anticipate delays, because they’ll have all contractors on their radar at all times. As soon as the electrician falls behind, the contractor will know and adjust the project accordingly so wasted time is minimized.

Falk Construction is the Wasatch Front’s leading general contractor, having coordinated the efforts to build and remodel hundreds of houses in and around Ogden, Utah.

Trust the professionals with experience with your home remodel or construction plans. Call Falk Construction today and put your project in capable hands.


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