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February 10, 2016

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Is it Better to Finish Your Basement or Attic?

October 24, 2016

You need more room. Should you finish your basement or your attic?



Each of these spaces has exciting potential. As is, they are pieces of your property that you’re paying taxes on every year and not getting to use, except maybe for storing Christmas decorations and baby clothes.

In fact, to get the most for your money, you should finish both of these spaces! That may not be in your budget though, so let’s prioritize one. But which one?

Advantages of Finishing Your Basement

It likely already has electricity and plumbing. Since these utilities usually come into the house from the basement, you’ll only have to extend from the source, which is much cheaper than running new lines in.

It’s quieter. Depending on what you want to use your room for, you may have less noise if you plan to finish the basement. If you have young kids who will use the space for a playroom, you won’t be subjected to the crashing and pounding that comes with them running and jumping for hours on end.

If your finished basement is going to be a man cave for your hubby and his buddies to watch the big games, you can use noise-reducing drywall for the ceiling so you don’t have to know every time their team scores a touchdown.

It’s cooler. The whole family can huddle down in the new rec room when temps heat up outside in the summer. You’ll save energy and money on air conditioning with a finished basement.

Advantages of Finishing Your Attic

It’s cheaper. When you finish your attic, you’re almost always putting only one room up there, and rarely do homeowners install bathrooms in the attic. Of course, if you’re going to raise the roof or put in dormers, that will give you more space, but it will cost more money too.

It’s warmer. Heat rises. On those cold winter days when you just can’t seem to get warm, your attic room will be toasty. Put in a couple of skylights and it will be bright and sunny too. If you just lie on your back on the floor, you may trick yourself into thinking it’s still spring.

It’s brighter. Even if you don’t put skylights in, windows at either end of the attic let in lots of light — like an eagle’s nest! Finished basements tend to be dark, hence the term man cave. Even if you have several basement windows, they’re usually small and sometimes have bushes right outside of them, blocking the light.

So which should you choose to finish, basement or attic?

It depends on what you want to use the space for, what your budget is and the specs for your particular home.

Falk Construction can help you make the decision. We can evaluate both your spaces and give you our recommendation. Call Falk Construction today and get started on your plan to finish your basement or attic.

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