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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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How to Save Money on Your Kitchen Remodel

November 28, 2016

Kitchen remodels can get expensive.


The kitchen is packed with appliances, fixtures, plumbing, cabinets, lighting and more. You might enjoy DIY remodeling, but with kitchens, you have to be careful. A lot can go wrong, and the fixes can get expensive.




Local codes prevent handy people from doing some kitchen remodeling work that is considered dangerous if it’s not done by a licensed professional. This includes electrical work and plumbing. In some municipalities, you are allowed to do this work yourself if a licensed contractor inspects it afterward. Check the rules your area before attempting any of this work yourself.


Leave This Stone Unturned


Installing stone countertops is also best left to professionals. Whereas it wasn’t too complicated in the old days to glue down a new sheet of laminate on your counter, today’s popular stone varieties aren’t as easy to maneuver. They weigh a ton, so installing them requires several people capable of lifting heavy weight. They also need to be properly balanced.


The part you absolutely can’t do on your own, however, is cutting and shaping the stone. This is most of the work, so you wouldn’t save much anyway by insisting on installing it yourself, even if it was possible.


So now that you know what you can’t do in a kitchen remodel, let’s look at what you can do.


DIY Kitchen Remodel Jobs

  • Paint. Painting is not particularly backbreaking and doesn’t require special skills, but you do need patience and stamina to get the job done right. Prepping the walls is really most of the work.

  • Flooring. Disclaimer: Not ALL flooring is easy to install, so please read to the end of this section before running out to the kitchen remodeling department at Home Depot and loading up your pickup with three-quarter-inch coastal gray oak hardwood. Hardwood installation is not for novices. But you can probably tackle vinyl, laminate or linoleum by yourself.

Be careful with tile though. For many kinds of tile, you need a special tool to cut the edge pieces. Sometimes you can rent one, but it’s still a challenge to use this machine without splitting the tile, and if you’re paying $4 a tile, you’re not going to want to break too many.

  • Appliances. Another disclaimer: If they’re gas, don’t do it. A mistake here could be deadly. 

Most electrical appliances aren’t too hard to install though. An electric stove just needs to be plugged in. Ditto for a refrigerator, except most fridges today come with a water dispenser and ice maker, so if you get one like this, you’ll have to hook it up to a water line. Same for a dishwasher.


If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, come talk to the professionals at Falk Construction. We can help you plan your project, and we’ll talk to you about which parts we think it’s safe for you to handle on your own.

Have an expert in your corner for your kitchen remodel — rely on Falk Construction.

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