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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Smart Storage = More Space

December 12, 2016

It seems like everyone is always looking for better storage solutions. We all have a lot of stuff, and we need places to put it! Sometimes the only answer is to make more room.


Many times, homeowners decide to add on a room because they need an extra bedroom, they want a larger kitchen or they’d like a family room that’s less formal than their living room.




Regardless of why you’re adding on, you’ll want to incorporate storage areas into your plans. It will give you room for more stuff!


Family Room Storage


If you’re planning to add on a family room, you likely have children. When mapping out this space, consider built-in shelving for games and toys. Give the bottom shelves doors, so everything isn’t always on display. After all, this isn’t a Container Store catalog — you will be storing more than a vase and a plant on your new shelving!


For family rooms with exterior doors, get cubbies built in to hold each family member’s coats, shoes, backpacks, purses, umbrellas and other items. This cuts down on clutter and piles near doors.


Kitchen Storage


If your add-on plans are for your kitchen, part of your motivation for the renovation was probably extra storage space. Whether it’s a bump-out or a full-fledged expansion, many homeowners can never have too much kitchen storage!


People who like to cook always have lots of pots and pans. Besides the regular items like saucepans and frying pans, cooks will amass essentials that they don’t use that often, like roasting pans, a standing rib rack, pizza stone, Dutch oven, skillet, deep fryer, etc. They usually have lots of company for dinner too, so they need enough dinnerware for a crowd.


A great way to store these seldom-used items is on pullout shelves inside your kitchen cabinets. If you do the same with small appliances like blenders and food processors, you’ll keep your counters clean and neat-looking.


Bedroom Storage


It seems like nowadays you see more and more ads for closets that are, in fact, entire rooms. If you’re not lucky enough to be able to devote a whole room to your clothes and shoes, take heart — there is an answer.


First, clean out your closet. Then install an Elfa closet system. Pictures of Elfarized closets show only beige clothes and hardly any of them, but when you install yours, you can put it to prime use.


Also install hooks and racks on the backs of closet, bathroom and bedroom doors, and use that space under the bed for storage! Don’t waste your money on cheap plastic boxes for this job — get a sturdy, wooden system on wheels, or do built-ins. Otherwise, you’ll get frustrated every time you try to pull out a drawer to get a sweater and the whole box comes with it!


Falk Construction is the go-to building contractor for Ogden-area homeowners who need more space. Use every square foot wisely with smart storage solutions. Call Falk today and get started planning your renovation or addition.



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