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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Kitchen Remodels: Consider Resale Value When Making Choices

January 27, 2017

When you want to know what’s hot for kitchen remodels, where do you look? Better Homes and Gardens? House Beautiful? Martha Stewart Living?




Those are good resources if you want to be trendy, but if you’re looking for resale value, Zillow Digs might be a better place to look.


Zillow is a top online real estate database site that catalogs information about homes all across the United States and how much they’re worth. Zillow Digs is a spinoff dedicated to home improvement.


What People Want in a Kitchen Remodels


A simple click on the kitchen page shows what’s hot just by the sheer numbers. Of the 12 dominant colors you can filter your selection by, gray is far and away No. 1 at more than 72,000. Second and third are tan and brown with 60,000 and almost 52,000, respectively, but the color after these — black — is way down at 16,000. The next color — white — is at less than a fourth of that number.


For style, traditional leads the pack at 45,000, leaving contemporary, county, modern and art deco in its dust.

For layout, L-shaped and U-shaped are almost tied at about 31,000. One wall and galley-style are far behind.

The most popular kitchen feature is an island (52,000), followed by a breakfast bar (35,000).


Soapstone and limestone counters are gaining popularity with their unobtrusive simplicity, but granite still is the favorite by more than three times as much.


Keep Your Taste Portable


What do we have to learn from this? If you think you might sell one day, staying away from trendy is the way to make the most of your money.


Does this mean you always have to be boring? No! Bring your personality to your kitchen with decorative accents that are easy to change. For instance, if you love bold splashes of color and always wanted a purple-and-white-checked backsplash, consider this color and pattern for a curtain or scatter rug instead. 


It delivers the same punch, but is easily hidden away when you want to present a plain vanilla palette to prospective buyers, so they can imagine their own outlandish décor in your kitchen!


Other ideas for spicing up your kitchen in a nonpermanent way include:

  • Brightly colored small appliances — Red can openers are easy enough to find, but if you look online, you can find blue, green and even orange and purple too. Add in a matching blender and toaster, and you’ve got a fun look that you can change quickly.

  • Paint — It’s not as easy to change as small appliances, but it’s easier (and cheaper) than changing your floor or your countertops. Kitchens don’t have much wall space to begin with because they’re covered with cabinets, so go crazy and paint whatever wall space you have chartreuse or pumpkin if you want to.

  • Hardware — Almost all hardware is gold, silver or black. But if you look hard, you can find something more unusual, like pulls in the shape of utensils, hands, flowers and even tree branches.


For the best advice and workmanship in kitchen remodels, choose Falk Construction. We’re the local experts in kitchen remodels. Call us today to find out more about how you can upgrade your kitchen to your tastes while still keeping it attractive to potential buyers.




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