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February 10, 2016

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Bathroom Remodels to Eradicate Mold

February 24, 2017

A bathroom remodel means ripping out the old and installing the new, but is that enough to take care of your mold problem?


Mold and bathrooms go together like dogs and fleas — they are both unwelcome guests. Luckily, we have ways to evict them!


Sure, you can clean the mold in your bathroom by wiping it down with a rag soaked in a bleach solution, but the fix is temporary. You want to address why you even have mold in your bathroom in the first place, and the reason is usually poor ventilation.


No Exhaust Fan


If your house was built a long time ago, or it was built on the cheap, it may lack an exhaust fan. Without a fan, steam from hot showers and baths collects in the air in your bathroom, and the result is rivulets of water running down your walls and fixtures.


If your walls or floor are wood, or if you have wood baseboards, it’s only a matter of time before rot sets in. This is why tile is so often used in bathrooms. Even wooden fixtures like vanities and cabinets are at risk.


Any cracks in any surface in your bathroom can let water in and therefore allow mold to grow — mold that you can’t even see. We have begun to demolish many walls during bathroom remodels only to discover the insides rife with mold. Sometimes the damage is so bad that some of the framing needs to be replaced.


Once homeowners go to this expense during a bathroom remodel, they want to make sure their new bathroom is protected from mold growth, and the best way to do that is to install an exhaust fan.


Proper Installation


It should go without saying that this fan should be vented to the outside, but all too often, this isn’t done. You flip the switch on your bathroom fan, you hear it running, see the blades turning and assume it’s doing its job, but the steam is going nowhere because it isn’t vented outside.


When you do a bathroom remodel, you want a working, vented exhaust fan.


In fact, you may want to choose a fancier one with added options, like a light, a heat lamp or even a Bluetooth speaker! Prices range from under $100 to about $300. Generally speaking, the more you pay, the less you can hear your fan.


Is your bathroom a mold magnet? Call Falk Construction — we specialize in bathroom remodels. If you want your bathroom to stay dry and your mirrors to be fog-free, contact the team at Falk today.

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