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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

March 16, 2017

Bathroom renovations can make a stark difference in your home.


You likely visit your bathroom at least a few times a day. Your bathrooms takes up, on average, 12.3 percent of the space in your home. So if you’re in there frequently and you’ve allocated one-eighth of your floor space to it, why not make it as pleasant as you can?


Two reasons people dread going into their bathrooms are:

  1. They’re dirty, and

  2. They’re cramped and cluttered.

What kind of bathroom renovation can solve these problems?


Bathroom Renovation vs. Remodel


Well first, let’s confirm whether we’re doing a bathroom renovation or a remodel. The words mean different things to different people. Realtor.com says a renovation is cosmetic — new fixtures, new tile, etc., and a remodel is a larger undertaking — making the room bigger, for instance, or moving plumbing.


If it’s in the budget, a remodel will likely give you a more pleasing result. A larger bathroom gives you more room to store items, more room to move around when you’re trying to dry off or do your hair and room for items such as a plant.


Institute Austerity


The truth is, no matter the size of your bathroom, it’s easier to keep clean if you employ a Spartan mindset. Try not to put things on top of other things. These things will just collect dust and hair and who knows what else. Keep countertops clear, and store items in the vanity or linen closet.


If you’re doing a bathroom renovation, choose large, smooth tiles. The less grout to get moldy, the less you have to clean. And go for frameless shower doors. Although today’s shower doors are greatly improved over the older variety that had tracks that seemed designed to hold dirty water and mildew, they still don’t compare to frameless. Just wash and wipe!


Minimalist Bathroom Renovation


Choose a toilet with a simple design. Get one with smooth sides, rather than the convoluted ones whose design mimic the piping inside. Remember — dust can’t collect on a vertical surface. Consider a toilet with a button on the tank to flush. The less hardware you have, the less time you’ll spend in there with a toothbrush trying to get crud out of all the nooks and crannies.


The same goes for your sink. Get a faucet with one spigot and one handle at the top. Why play around with separate hot and cold faucets trying to get the temperature right when you need to get to work?


If you don’t have adequate ventilation, a bathroom renovation is the time to remedy this problem. Have a fan installed, and make sure it’s vented to the outside. (It’s true, some fans spin around and make noise, but they don’t remove moisture!) This will cut way down on mold and mildew growth, and thus cleaning as well.


Regardless of whether you’re in the market for a bathroom renovation or remodel, Falk Construction can help. We’re northern Utah’s experts in kitchen, basement and bathroom renovations. Call today to get started.

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