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February 10, 2016

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Accessible Bathrooms Make Life Easier for All

May 9, 2017

Accessible bathrooms are a must-have for many homeowners who intend to stay in their homes in their retirement years. If you’re remodeling your home and retirement is in your future, you can save yourself a lot of trouble — and a lot of money — by including accessible features in your next bathroom remodel.


It’s not dreary to plan for a future with an accessible bathroom; it’s smart. Long before the tasks of daily living become difficult, you may have a transient need for accessible features, such as if you have a hip or knee replacement, are recovering from an accident or merely develop arthritis that acts up from time to time.


An accessible bathroom doesn’t have to mean a commode and white plastic chair in the shower. Unobtrusive accessible features can be incorporated into a modern design.


Consider incorporating the following three accessible bathroom features into your next home remodel.


  1. Walk-in shower — This type of shower is all the rage nowadays, so you’ll be trendy and smart to include one in your bathroom renovation now. No more tubs means nothing to step over to access the facilities, which makes getting around easier and falls less likely.

    Install a fold-up seat in your shower as well. Teak is popular and looks nicer than the ubiquitous white plastic. This is a feature you’ll use right away. Who hasn’t ever felt so tired at the end of a long day that they wished they could just sit in the shower instead of stand?

  2. Wall-hung toilet — A higher toilet is easier for mobility-impaired people to use, and it’s just as easy for healthy people to use. It’s easier to clean, and to clean under, and if need be, grab bars can be installed next to it down the road.

  3. Single-handle faucets — People with balance issues or advanced arthritis will appreciate the ease of use of these types of faucets, but really, they’re more sanitary for everyone.

    How many times have you used a paper towel in a public restroom to turn the faucets on and off? Your hands are not clean until you’ve washed them; then, you use your clean hands to turn off a faucet that you just turned on with dirty hands! We’d all spread less infection using single-handle faucets.


Everyone should use grab bars when getting in and out of the tub, and especially those more at risk of falling, including children, pregnant women, heavier people and the aging. These are less necessary with walk-in showers, however.


Ditto for nonslip floors — anyone can fall and injure themselves on a wet floor, so forego that shiny subway tile, at least for the floors.


When you’re embarking on your next bathroom remodel, call the experts at Falk Construction. We specialize in bathroom, kitchen and basement remodels, and we offer general contracting services too. Rely on Falk Construction to deliver an accessible bathroom that meets all your expectations for form and function.



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