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February 10, 2016

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How to Make Your Home Addition Blend in Seamlessly

May 23, 2017

So many home additions look like home additions. How can you add on to your house without making it look like your extra rooms were tacked on as an afterthought?


How many times have you seen an old, brick colonial with a two-story, vinyl-clad home addition awkwardly slapped on the side or back? Even more challenging is if you have an unusual home — something old or ultra-modern, for instance. How will you be able to match the addition?


Expand Upward, not Outward


One way to add space to your home without losing its character is by raising the roof.


The size of this project can vary considerably, based on your needs. Some people choose to add two or more dormers, while others opt to raise a larger portion of the roof. Either way, these new sections are sided with like material — brick, siding, stucco, etc. — so they look like they’ve always been there.


Unfortunately, this method doesn’t always provide enough space, and it isn’t always an option on a ranch or a rambler.


In these cases, you have to look outside your home’s footprint. But even if you decide to put your home addition in the back where most people can’t see it, you’ll be able to see it, and you want it to look like a part of your home.


Match Exteriors on Home and Addition


The best way to get your home addition to look like it belongs on your house is to use the same exterior cladding, but that’s easier said than done.


Exactly matching the color of bricks, stucco, siding or even wood shingles can prove next to impossible. If your exterior cladding is in need of an update, undertaking this project at the same time as your home addition will help better mesh the new and the old.


Also take into consideration the look of your roof. Use the same slope, shingle color, and facia and soffits to make your home addition look more like your existing home.


Home Additions that Stand Out


Depending on the type of home addition you are planning, not all this effort may be necessary. For instance, if you are planning to expand your kitchen at the back of your house, you may end up using a lot of glass for this. The wood frame can match the color of your home or be a different color — this type of addition stands out for its charming individuality.


A home addition is a big project, so you need an experienced contractor, like Falk Construction. We have been building home additions and new homes throughout the Ogden area for decades. We can make your addition look like it’s been there forever. Or, we can make it look like an exciting new upgrade.


What we won’t do is build a addition that looks awkward or out of place. Call Falk Construction today, and get started on your home’s new addition.



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