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February 10, 2016

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Outdoor Rooms Combine the Best of Both Worlds

June 27, 2017

You’ve got enough rooms in your house. How about an outdoor room?


No, it’s not an oxymoron, it’s a trend, and it’s an exciting one.


Outdoor Rooms Go Way Back


An outdoor room is not an entirely new concept. The most common ones are porches, whether in the front or the back of the house. Porches were super popular before air conditioning was invented. Some porches in hotter climes were actually referred to as “sleeping porches,” because it was too hot to sleep inside in the summer.


Sleeping in the open air when it was hot and muggy definitely contributed to the idea of screening in the porch to keep out mosquitos. But once we didn’t need them for sleeping anymore, porches became kind of superfluous. People began to wonder how they could make better use of their real estate, and they started enclosing these porches and turning them into sunrooms, offices, music rooms and more.


But then they had nowhere to put their chaise lounges, so they had to build decks. You know where this is going — soon yards everywhere were covered with structures of varying stages of permanence.


Put an end to the madness — settle on one outdoor room.


Bring it Outside


Outdoor rooms can be customized to any shape or size, and these rooms can serve many functions. Your outdoor room could be for relaxing in nature, serving family dinners, throwing big parties or hosting Cub Scout meetings.

Your first decision will be whether you want your outdoor room to be attached to your home or separate. Many homeowners choose attached, since it is easier to bring food, drinks and other items back and forth between the house and the outdoor room.


However, your property might be sloped or otherwise unsuitable for this type of addition. Or, if you are planning to use your room as a getaway from the kids and the noise, you may want to put a little distance between your house and your outdoor room.


Outdoor Room Form & Function


Next, you’ll want to decide what you will use your room for. Entertaining? Then you may want to plan a space for cooking and enough room for a long dining table. If you’re thinking of using your space for more fun and less work, you may instead want a fireplace and some seating where your friends and family can gather for drinks and snacks.

If you want a peaceful place to curl up with a good book, you may want some comfortable lounge furniture and good lighting.


Most outdoor rooms have some type of ceiling and four posts (sometimes only two, if it’s attached to your home). A pergola-style roof lets in more light, but it lets in more rain, too. A solid roof will allow you to better protect your furniture and other items.


Some outdoor rooms — especially the ones not attached to the house — have walls made of either wood or glass. But many have no walls, and some have walls made of curtains that you can draw or tie back, depending on the weather and how much privacy you want.


Outdoor rooms are great in a sunny climate like ours because you can get so much use out of them. Call Falk Construction to find out more about building an outdoor room at your home. We also offer general contracting services, and we do home remodeling projects from A to Z.



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