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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Kitchen Cabinets a Focal Point in Remodeling

August 28, 2017

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, cabinets are a big part of the job. 


Function is always important, but with cabinets, how they look is extra important because of the amount of space they take up. You will likely have more square feet of cabinet showing than countertops or floors — both of which also make a big impact in a kitchen.


Keep or Toss?


The first choice you have to make with cabinets is whether to replace or reface. If your cabinets are sturdy and in good shape but no longer in style, refacing is likely the better choice. This is especially the case if you’re on a tight budget and your original kitchen cabinets are solid wood. Replacing them with shiny new particleboard cabinets is probably not a wise decision.


With a major renovation, however, it’s often necessary to replace kitchen cabinets. When you’re moving walls or changing the layout, your old cabinets won’t fit the space anymore. If you’re adding an island, you’ll want it to match it to your cabinets, and this will be a challenge if you’re keeping the old ones.


What’s Your Budget for Kitchen Cabinets?


Once you’ve made the decision to get new cabinets, you must decide which ones are best for you. First, you will need to choose custom, semi-custom or stock. As much as we’d all like custom, not everyone can afford it. Stock is the cheapest choice, but you can choose only from the options offered. Semi-custom gives you more choices, and it’s the option favored by many homeowners.


Next you must consider material. Wood is the best, the longest-lasting, and — unsurprisingly — the most expensive. Aluminum is an option more people are going for these days because it can add an industrial vibe to your space, which is trending now. 


Many homeowners choose a wood alternative for their kitchen cabinets. Many types are almost indistinguishable from wood to the naked eye. Get good advice for this decision. Many wood alternatives are cheap and don’t last (plus, they can be ugly). If you’re getting an imitation, get a good imitation, or you won’t fool anyone.


Style and Color Have Big Impact


The style of cabinet you choose will be important to the look of your kitchen, and it will influence how you feel every time you enter the room. The varying designs of the cabinet fronts can help make your kitchen look traditional, modern, rustic or classic. Doors with hardware offer the flexibility to change looks easily by merely changing out the hardware.


Lastly, kitchen cabinet color is a big decision. Most homeowners go with some shade of brown, but this doesn’t have to be boring. Even in stock cabinets, the options range from a brown so light that it looks beige to cherry red to almost black. White and gray are also common options when choosing stock kitchen cabinets.


When you’re planning a kitchen renovation, consult with the experts at Falk Construction. We’ve done hundreds of renovations in our 30-plus years remodeling homes in the Ogden area. We build new homes, remodel existing homes and offer general contracting services.


Call us today to start planning your kitchen remodeling project, and we'll give you advice about cabinets, countertops, appliances and more.

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