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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Bathroom Remodeling Trends

October 24, 2017

What are the newest bathroom remodeling trends? 


We all want to be trendy, but bathroom remodeling isn’t as simple as changing the curtains and adding a planter. It’s best to try to identify the bathroom remodeling trends most likely to last, and avoid radical choices like ripping out a perfectly good bathtub because the trend in new homes is not to include this fixture anymore.


So what are some of the best bathroom remodeling trends today that you can get some mileage out of but are still fun and useful? 

  1. Built-in storage — The term “built in” can inspire fear because it suggests permanence. It’s built in! You can’t move it! But whereas you may decide a bookcase in your living room would look better on another wall, bathroom storage is as practical as a toilet. You’ll always need it.

  2. What color? White. — Sure, white can be boring. That’s what accessories are for, to break up the boredom. And it works, because when you get bored with your navy blue towels and vase of flowers and abstract art on the wall, you can throw all of them away and get new ones in yellow or red or whatever color you want. 

    But you can’t do that with tile.

    You may be entranced by the new Mediterranean tile style these days, and a lot of these tiles are beautiful, but make no mistake: they’re loud, busy and semi-permanent. And once they go out of style, every time you go into your bathroom, your tile will shout, “Dated!” like an avocado Frigidaire. 

    Stick with white.

  3. Unusual lighting — You need light in your bathroom. You need it to shave, or put on makeup or at least comb your hair. Bathroom lighting is traditionally a row of bulbs over or surrounding the mirror. It’s useful and attractive. 

    But nowadays you can find starburst pendants, eerie twisted tubes and wall sconces wrapped in wicker. All of these are hard to clean, provide little light and will likely turn off any potential buyer, but it doesn’t matter, because they can be switched out for something more traditional in hours or even minutes.

The bottom line when looking at bathroom remodeling trends is how easily you can outdo what you plan to do. That 3-D tile looks nice, but all the crevices will collect bathroom crud that will take longer to remove than it took for it to collect. 


If you want to explore the best choices in bathroom remodeling trends, talk to the experts at Falk Construction. We’ve been building and remodeling bathrooms for more than 30 years. We also provide general contracting services, and we’re the experts in basement and kitchen remodels as well.


Call us today to get started with your bathroom remodel.



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