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February 10, 2016

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Add a Sunroom and Light Up Your Life

November 17, 2017

When is the best time to add a sunroom?


Now, of course!


Many homeowners seem to want to do this project in the spring, when they’re thinking about warmth and sunshine. A sunroom is great to have in the spring and summer — it lets in a lot of light and gives your cat a new place to bask.


But the winter is really the time adding a sunroom can make a big difference. Winters in Utah can be long and dark, and a nice, sunny spot can boost your mood. Especially when there’s snow on the ground to reflect the light, an area with a lot of windows can cheer up a home. 


You may be aware that you can buy a sunroom kit at outlets like Home Depot. But these are more temporary, camping-like structures than rooms. They’re quite flimsy — like greenhouses for people. These pop-up sunrooms will not keep you warm in a Utah winter. 


Add a Sunroom That’s Sturdy


A true sunroom built out of lumber on a slab of concrete or pilings is a real room. It’s open to the rest of the room — it seems to almost bring the outside in. It’s made mostly of glass, but it has electricity so you can have ceiling fans, lighting at night and even heat, if need be.


A sunroom is a great spot to get your daily dose of vitamin D, and it helps prevent seasonal affective disorder from setting in through the dark months. 


For even more light, have the ceiling made of glass as well, or at least have some skylights installed. These will help in the summer too, to allow heat to escape. For this reason, also opt to install some windows that open. Consider adding bamboo or another type of shade for when the heat gets relentless in summer. 


Put some plants in there too. Plants love light, and they’re great for helping to elevate mood.


Although the point of adding a sunroom is to fill your home with more light (and warmth), they also give you more living space. It’s not as helpful as an extra bedroom might be, but it’s not nearly as expensive either.


How Much Does it Cost to Add a Sunroom?


Costs to add a sunroom can range from $2,000 for the cheapest kit to more than $20,000 for a grand, four-season room.


Talk to the experts at Falk Construction about your budget for adding a sunroom, and we will show you a range of possibilities. We have built countless sunrooms, porches and all kinds of home additions throughout the greater Ogden, Utah, area. We can show you how to bring a little extra light into your life this winter by adding a sunroom. Call us today.



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