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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Building a New Home: What Are the Advantages?

December 19, 2017

Is 2018 the year you’ll build your new home in Utah?


Our state is one of the few that has plenty of sprawling, open space left for you and your family to make stake your claim.




While many homeowners buy and move into existing homes, many others dream of building their own new home. Although it generally costs more to go this route, it comes with the satisfaction of having everything in your house exactly the way you want it. 


What other advantages does building a new home offer?


New Homes Are More Efficient


A home that’s even 20 years old may have inefficient appliances. Older appliances — or any without an Energy Star rating — use more electricity, gas and water, which ramps up your utility bills. And often these appliances take more time to do the job. The dishwasher and washing machine cycles run longer, and foods may take longer to cook if your oven doesn’t have a convection option.


Older homes also may be drafty. Old windows are little better than sieves, and you may find that the insulation in the walls has settled — if there is any at all. Doors might not fit tightly in their frames, and the fireplace may suck the heat right out of your rooms.


Modern homes are built with tight seals and covered in synthetic house wrap so little energy is wasted.

New technological advances like smart home systems can also be added to new builds to control climates.


Convenience Built in to New Homes


While smart technology saves money when you use it to turn your heat or A/C up or down, it can do so much more to streamline your life and save time and money.


One of the best parts of building a new home is that all the wires and connectors involved in today’s complex technology can be incorporated right into the walls, so they work for you but you never have to see them! 


You can simply use your phone to take control of your music, TV, blinds, appliances and more — all while relaxing in the recliner.


New Homes Are Greener


The materials used in new homes do less harm to the environment. Options include adding solar panels to the roof; using natural materials like wood, cork and bamboo; and installing water-saving devices like a tankless water heater and low-flow faucets. 



Are you thinking of building a new home in Utah next year? Call the experts at Falk Construction to talk about your ideas. We’ve been building new homes in the Ogden, Utah, area for more than 30 years. We also act as the general contractor for our projects — we’re your one-stop shop for home building! Contact us today to learn more.

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