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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Planning a Kitchen Renovation? Peruse Some Countertop Choices.

March 2, 2018

When you’re planning a kitchen renovation, countertops are a major part. They take up a comparatively large amount of square footage, so the choice you make is not inconsequential. You will have to look at them every day for many years (unless you leave them covered with mail and items that won’t fit in your cabinets), so consider all your options.






Granite is still reigning as king of the countertops, despite formidable challenges from other stones. For years, homeowners stoically endured their Formica countertops, but when granite came along to replace the ubiquitous plastic, it brought rapture to kitchens across the country. 


The permanence and beauty of this durable stone is the perfect combination of form and function. With granite, you don’t have to worry about scratches from knives or burn marks from pots — granite can handle it. 




Consumer Reports rates quartz the No. 1 countertop for durability and looks. Quartz is a strong stone and requires less maintenance than granite, which needs periodic sealing to maintain its good looks.


HGTV explains that most quartz countertops are not solid stabs, but ground stone mixed with a binding material. This makes it less porous, and it also means you can make it any color you want. Solid stone comes in different colors, but they are all a variety of stone color — there’s not much in the way of bright red or blue.




Marble looks pretty, but if you’re going to prepare food on it, you have to be careful. Marble — a porous stone — stains, and some manufacturers recommend sealing as often as every six months. If you like to sip a glass of wine while you cook, stick with white. 


A lot of marble is marketed as “heat-resistant,” which means use a potholder, just to be sure. 

Marble is more expensive too, but some homeowners just fall in love with the look of this stone, and that keeps it tops in popularity alongside other stone options.




Despite the beauty and popularity of granite and quartz, a lot of homeowners doing kitchen renovations go with laminate. Why? It’s much cheaper. And you can hardly tell the difference just by looking at it. A popular pattern today mimics the look of the natural variegations of stone, which is a bit of an irony, since that was the preeminent Formica pattern of the ’70s.


Here at Falk Construction, kitchen renovations are our specialty. We’ve created thousands of beautiful kitchens for homeowners in and around Ogden, Utah. We also do basement and bathroom remodeling, and we are general contractors. 


If you need kitchen renovations, an addition or any other home construction project, call Falk today to get started.


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