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February 10, 2016

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Walk-in Showers: Simple and Elegant

May 29, 2018

A walk-in shower can make life a lot easier — and not just for seniors or the handicapped either. Homeowners of any age or ability can take advantage of this popular design feature. 



Homesthetics, an architecture, art and design website, praises the walk-in shower as the height of modern simplicity. Many walk-in showers are created by erecting a glass wall or two and a door. The absence of metal runners or frames makes for a much more streamlined and attractive appearance. 


Shower curtains can be fun because you can change them out for a new look, but the fun is short-lived because it quickly devolves into a saggy, torn, mildewed piece of plastic hanging in your bathroom. Change your towels — it’s easier and just as much fun.


Shower with No Walls


If you’re building your home from the ground up or tearing out your entire bathroom, however, you can create a shower with no walls — the ultimate walk-in shower! These can be a little chilly, since the absence of walls can make showering a drafty business, but it’s the absolute easiest to clean.


This can get a little weird if a family member has to use the facilities while you’re showering, but if it’s a problem, you can always erect one wall for privacy.


Some walk-in showers have a lip or step a couple of inches high to prevent water from escaping, but this shouldn’t present a problem to homeowners with bad knees.


Sitting in the Shower


Because there is no tub in a walk-in shower, they are frequently constructed with benches inside. This isn’t just for those who get tired while showering — it’s handy if you want to shave your legs or you’d like a place to store lots of bottles of shampoo with only a little bit left at the bottom. Using your bench for this will interfere with your pursuit of the simplistic look, but it will contribute to keeping your hair looking nice.


If you’re planning on a smaller shower stall, consider installing a bench you can fold away when you’re done using it to save space. You can even buy a teak stool and just take it in and out of the shower whenever you want to use it. 

Walk-in showers are so great that — you guessed it — they cost more than traditional showers. It can be challenging to get the slope and the drainage system just right, and a lot of tempered glass comes with a higher price tag.


Walk-in Shower, No Tub


Before you settle on the decision to go with a walk-in shower, make sure you and your family are OK not having a bathtub. The truth is, most people don’t use them anymore. Few people have the time to luxuriate in a tub. Some fancy houses have fancy tubs installed, but these get dusted by the cleaning lady more often than they get filled with water.

Do you want to learn more about walk-in showers? Call Falk Construction. We’re your local experts on bathroom renovations.

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