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February 10, 2016

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Futuristic Bathroom Remodeling

June 29, 2018

Bathroom remodeling isn’t what it used to be — it’s better. Smart showers, high-tech toilets and vanities with built-in TVs allow you to bring the convenience and luxury of technology into the bathroom.


What kinds of exciting technological advances are available these days?




Bathroom Remodeling Shower Upgrades


Modern digital showers have built-in touchpads that allow you to easily control the water temperature. These showers can even be programmed to remember what temperature you like best. Some smart showers have up to 12 different options for pressure, temperature and even greeting messages. 


Some digital showers come with a remote control or an app so that you can turn on the shower from the comfort of your bed. 


You can also get a shower head with built-in Bluetooth speakers. This means you can sing along to your favorite songs in the shower, or even take phone calls if you like multitasking! Some of these devices have the speaker attached to the shower head with a magnet, so when you’re done showering but not done listening to music, you can take the speaker with you. 


If you want to upgrade your level of bathroom luxury even further, waterproof TVs are making their way into showers as well. 


Environmentalism in the Bathroom


Take the guilt out of long, hot showers by installing an environmentally friendly drain. These drains capture warmth from used water and use it to heat new water. This significantly cuts water heater use, saving both energy and money.


A device called Waterpebble is designed to help you cut down your shower time. First, it measures the length of your first shower. Then, Waterpebble uses that data to tell you when to turn off the shower. Little by little with each day, this device reduces your shower time so that you learn to save time and water without even noticing.


Little Luxuries


You may not think “high-tech” when you think of toilets, but that could change. New high-tech toilets have built-in bidets, warm air dryers and even speakers. Some smart toilets can be connected to virtual assistants, so you can use your voice to lift the toilet seat, play music and more.


And touch-free toilets are not just a novelty; they’re germ-resistant. Instead of flushing by hand, touch-free toilets flush when the user waves their hand over a sensor. Similarly, hands-free sinks use a sensor to turn the water on and off, preventing the spread of germs. 


You can also get vanities with built-in TVs to make your morning routine a little more interesting. But if you’re in a rush, need to use the whole mirror and don’t have time for an episode of your favorite show, you can make the TV disappear. This is possible through the use of ultra-thin LED lights built into the mirror. Also, these TVs come with waterproof remotes, so you can watch from anywhere in the bathroom. 


Bathroom remodeling in 2018 is more than just picking out tiles and fixtures. Falk Construction Inc. can help make your bathroom more modern and high-tech than you can imagine! Call us now to find out more.

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