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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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3 Ways to Revitalize Your Kitchen Without Major Renovations

September 5, 2018

Homeowners love the results of renovations, but the process and expense? Not so much. This is especially true with kitchen or bathroom renovations, when homeowners might be forced to do their showering or meal-making offsite for days, weeks or even longer.




If your kitchen is looking and feeling sad, it might be time for some renovations. But maybe you could get away with just doing some touchups to bring a fresh feel to this important room.


What techniques can you employ to jazz up a drab kitchen quickly?


1. Paint


This is the answer to spiffing up any room on a budget. Cover up the sins with a can of Benjamin Moore Navajo White. Or go bold and try forest green or even red!

Proper preparation
is key to a good result with paint, especially in the kitchen. Clean the walls first with a TSP solution, allow it to dry, then spackle up all the nail holes and any cracks or imperfections in the walls. Tape the moldings and edges, and you’ll be surprised at the professional result you get.


2. Change the Lighting


Nothing looks good in bad lighting — not even Kendall Jenner. Almost all before-and-after photos show the before shot in bad lighting and the after shot in good lighting, and it makes all the difference. Humming florescent lights are not flattering.

You may be tempted when you’re shopping to choose some sophisticated pendant lighting or an artsy chandelier, but beware: Some of the most beautiful fixtures aren’t the best choices for lighting. After all, you need to see what you’re doing in the kitchen. Your butcher-block kitchen island doesn’t do double duty as a secret rendezvous location.

Choose a fixture that is attractive but also provides ample light. Install a dimmer switch if you want to change the atmosphere.


3. Clean and Decorate


If you can’t change the ugly, at least you can try to disguise it. Start by giving your kitchen a thorough cleaning. Get all the grime off the stove burners and give the fridge handle a good scrubbing. 

Also toss out the clutter. A fridge covered in softball schedules, photos and all the cheap magnets you got on your trips to the beach are not contributing toward your kitchen’s beauty. Throw away the junk mail and find a place to store all your vitamin bottles. 

Once you get your kitchen clean, add some decorative touches like artwork, a vase of flowers or a wall mural. You may go for utilitarian decorations like a wine rack or a fruit bowl, but be bold and add a couple of useless items. They’ll make you feel good.


Sometimes Kitchen Renovations Are Unavoidable


If, after all your efforts, your kitchen still looks dated and worn, it might be time for a full-fledged kitchen renovation. Old Formica or linoleum is hard to hide. New hardware will not bring your ’80s cabinets into the 21st century.


Call Falk Construction when you need kitchen renovations. We’ve remodeled hundreds of kitchens throughout northern Utah in our 30-plus years in business. We can work with your budget and timeline. 


Contact us to get started today!

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