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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Kitchen Backsplash Basics and Themes

October 20, 2018

At Falk Construction Inc., we’re all about detail when it comes to our kitchen remodel projects. Our professional contractors will work with you on even the smallest elements of your new kitchen, from countertops and cabinets to lighting and aesthetics.


One detail area we give great care is the kitchen backsplash. If you haven’t heard of it, no – the backsplash does not refer to an area that catches spills or somehow protects from moisture. Rather, it’s a vital space in the kitchen that can play a major role in both comfort and home resale value down the line. Let’s go over the basics of the kitchen backsplash, plus a few backsplash themes you might enjoy.



Backsplash Basics


The backsplash refers to the space in the kitchen on the wall, located directly between the cooking area and the cabinets or ceiling above it. When you’re standing at the stove or oven cooking something, the backsplash is the area located at eye level right in front of you. 


The backsplash serves as an aesthetic center for the kitchen, regardless of the size or style of the space. It’s often the first place guests look, particularly if the backsplash extends horizontally to the far ends of the cooking range. It’s the foundation for the entire kitchen design, helping keep the entire space held together. 


Backsplash Themes


Our Falk Construction team can help you with everything related to your backsplash. We’ve seen numerous themes used in the projects we’ve done in the past – here are a few areas to consider:

  • Low-budget backsplash themes: If you’re working with a relatively small budget for your kitchen, there’s no reason to worry. You can still get a fantastic backsplash that looks wonderful and shows off your kitchen design. One tip here is going for a slightly smaller backsplash, which will limit the materials you use. Or use metal panels – these can look fantastic in the right design, but they cost far less than other tile options. White ceramic tile is always a good option, and comes at a good price. One area we don’t recommend going cheap on, however? Grout, which is vital for keeping the backsplash intact for years into the future. 

  • Countertop as a guide: If you’re unsure what kind of backsplash design to use, take some cues from your countertop material. If the countertops are already in place and you’re only remodeling the backsplash, you’re in good shape. If the countertops are part of the remodeling project as well, we recommend doing these first so you can mix and match backsplash tile and color materials afterwards. 

  • Be creative: The backsplash is the area of the kitchen to show off your creative qualities. It’s the best area for a complex visual pattern, one that might feature bright colors or large patterns. 

For more on the kitchen backsplash, or to learn about our kitchen remodeling services or any of our home remodeling offerings, contact the pros at Falk Construction Inc. today. 

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