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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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How a Kitchen Island Benefits You

November 3, 2018

At Falk Construction Inc., we’re always on top of the current trends and fads when it comes to kitchen design. As kitchen and home remodeling specialists, it’s our job to know what’s popular in the field at any given time, versus what’s out of style or no longer en vogue.


One major area that’s been popular for some time and shows no signs of slowing down is the kitchen island, which years ago replaced the peninsula kitchen design as one of the most popular modern choices. Islands are fantastic choices for a variety of home and family situations, offering both practical and aesthetic benefits galore. Here are some of the primary reasons why you might consider one for your next kitchen remodel. 


Storage Space


For those wondering where they’ll possibly fit enough storage space during their remodeling project, the island is often a great answer. Islands sit in the center of a kitchen generally, meaning they have four distinct sides – each of which can be used to install cabinetry and other storage areas if needed.


That’s not all, either. Islands can easily be paired with overhead racks to add even more space at or above eye level, meaning you can turn what was previously either open space or a table area into a multi-point storage area that also has several other major uses.


Customizable Options


Whatever needs you have for your kitchen, the island can accommodate them. Many people choose to design multi-level islands, particularly if they have children who can benefit from there being lower levels. Others might include the island in a project to make the home more accessible for those with mobility issues.


The options are virtually limitless, and this extends to your materials as well – whatever you think fits best with the rest of the kitchen, we can do. Some people even go for the highly functional island, one with a stove or a refrigerator installed in it.


Social Center


Islands provide an inviting, welcoming space to those who enter the home, and a perfect gathering area for group events or even just family dinners. They show off the open design concept of many homes, functioning as a central hub in this sense. It’s just easier for people to congregate around these kinds of structures, and when you add in all their aesthetic benefits as well, it’s a no-brainer.


Surface Area


When we’re talking about kitchen improvements, nothing offers more surface area than the island. Looking for more counter space elsewhere in the kitchen, perhaps near the sink for instance? Install your range on the island, allowing more counter space elsewhere. Adding all this area leaves you free to customize other parts of the kitchen freely, even if the island isn’t being designed as your centerpiece. 


For more on why an island is a great choice for your new kitchen, or to learn about any of our general contracting or home remodeling services, speak to the pros at Falk Construction Inc. today.

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