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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Staying Focused During Bathroom Remodels

January 30, 2019

When you’re remodeling a bathroom or any major area of your home, you have to anticipate a few unexpected events or roadblocks. This is part of the planning process, but it also has limits – there’s a level at which a remodeling project has gone from standard hiccups to completely disorganized and off the rails. 

At Falk Construction Inc., we can stop this from happening to you. We have years of experience helping Utah clients with their bathroom remodels, from early planning stages to the final installation of various components, and we know how to help you stay on track and avoid getting derailed. One big piece of advice we give to all our clients here: Stay as focused as you can. Let’s dive into what we mean by this, why it’s important, and what you can do to stay on task during your bathroom remodel.


Why Focus is Important

We’ve unfortunately seen more than a few failed bathroom remodel projects in our time, and the number one culprit for these events? Too many change orders driven by uncertainty or inexperience from the homeowner. 

As we noted above, change orders are part of the game when it comes to remodeling – but only to an extent. If you’re constantly changing priorities and requiring different things from us as a result, your timetable will naturally be drawn out and you may even run the risk of derailing the entire project based on cost overages.

Rather than this, our approach is to sit down with homeowners in advance of their remodel and find out their top priorities. Maybe you want new flooring or tiles, or perhaps you’re interested in a walk-in shower. Whatever the case, we’ll help you stay focused on this area while leaving changes for smaller, non-primary elements. We know that little tweaks will come up along the way; we just want to make sure you never lose sight of the main goal along the way. 

Questions to Ask

When it comes to identifying your top priorities for the remodel, here are a few important questions to ask yourself and your family:

  • What are the true needs? We’re not talking about desires here – these can come later. Especially if you’re on a somewhat limited budget, your primary focus should be the main priorities. If you’re remodeling the shower or toilet, handle these areas before getting to decorative areas like the side vanity, for instance. 

  • What kind of space do I have? We can help you both expand or contract your available space depending on what you need, but you have to know your dimensions here to begin with. 

  • Will my living situation change in the near future? If you’re planning to have more children or move within the next few years, your priorities for a remodel might change. 

  • Which styles do I enjoy? Finally, once you’ve considered all of the above, think about the aesthetics you personally enjoy most and want to see in your bathroom. 

For more on staying focused during a bathroom remodel, or to learn about any of our general contractor services, speak to the pros at Falk Construction Inc. today. 

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