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Bathroom Remodels

When you’re considering bathroom remodeling, you have a lot to think about.

The bathroom may not be the room you spend the most time in, but it’s a room you use every day. Multiply the number of times per day you use it by the number of people in your family, and you will start to see how this part of your home takes a beating. Even though bathrooms get a lot of use, not everyone uses them the same way. Whether you want a bathroom that’s big or small, utilitarian or ornate, Falk Construction of Ogden, Utah, can help you create the space you want.

Lighting is Critical to Bathroom Renovation

Proper lighting is crucial when you are planning bathroom remodeling in your home. You may have been suffering with dated, garish overhead lighting for years. Or you may have installed stylish sconces during your last bathroom remodel, but they were always too dim and cast eerie shadows.

Now is your chance to replace that useless lighting with modern fixtures that allow you to get ready with ease. You can also opt for more than one fixture, and operate them with separate switches. This way if you are trying to relax or using the bathroom in the middle of the night, you don’t have to contend with extra-bright lights.

Options for Bathroom Fixtures

Some people may love taking long, luxurious baths, while others may not have used the tub in years because they prefer the speed of taking a shower. Many homeowners planning bathroom remodels today opt to forego a tub and install a shower only. The money saved on this oft-unused fixture can be rolled into upgrading the shower with luxuries such as multiple jets with a variety of options, frameless glass doors and upscale tile patterns.

While most toilets remain fairly standard-looking, the variety of sink options when doing bathroom remodeling is virtually endless. Although the basic white oval or rectangle is easy to fall back on, vessel, pedestal and his-and-hers sinks have become quite popular bathroom ideas for our clients.

A vessel sink allows you to incorporate color and style into an otherwise sterile environment, while a pedestal sink can give your bathroom remodel a classic, timeless feel.

If you have the room, double sinks are a great option because they allow for more than one person at a time to get ready for work or school. No more pounding on the door and rushing through your routine with this bathroom improvement!

You Have Flooring Choices

Although most people opt for ceramic tile in a bathroom remodel, this is not your only choice. Tile offers limitless choices of color, style and pattern, so it is a popular option, but bamboo is also gaining favor. You can still choose the shade and type of finish, but colors are generally limited to natural wood shades.

Explore your flooring choices and make the most of your bathroom remodeling project in Utah.

Your Bathroom Remodel

Whatever you have in mind for remodeling your bathroom, Falk Construction can help. Our bathroom remodeling team in Utah provides the best bang for your buck. Call us today to make an appointment and we will show you just how beautiful your bathroom can be!

Our family-owned and operated company provides reasonable rates for quality workmanship and prompt project completion. Plus, all our completed work is owner-inspected. Additionally, as a bathroom remodeling contractor, we are fully licensed and insured to handle all permits and provide project planning assistance.

Let’s discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas and determine the best project for your home. Get in touch with us today for free estimates.

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