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The Falk Family Referral Program: Earn $2000

Referrals represent the vast majority of all of our business and we truly appreciate our customers who go on to recommend us to their friends and a family. To show our appreciation, Falk Construction offers past and present customers with the opportunity to earn a $2000 referral award.

How does it work? Simple really. Just have whoever you’ve referred be sure to tell us during our first contact, whether that’s a phone conversation, email or form of communication that they were referred by you and we’ll honor the referral award once we have closed on the construction of the home..  Referring a family member or friend and you would rather have the $2000 help them with the purchase price, we can do that too! Award amounts can be applied to the home price or even to design credits to help pay for upgrades as you prefer. It’s your award, you just let us know.

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