Ogden, Utah

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Basement Finishing Ogden Utah

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Ogden, Utah’s Topnotch New Home Builder

If you’re looking for a new home builder in Ogden, Utah, look to Falk Construction. We have been building new homes in northern Utah for more than 30 years. Our experience as a new home builder in Utah, along with our love for our craft, shows in every job we do.

Building a new house from the ground up is a serious undertaking. Most people who seek to own their own home shop for a previously owned house. It’s cheaper, faster and easier. But these aspects of home ownership may not be your priorities.

Whether you’ve owned a home before or this is your first endeavor, if you are looking for a new home contractor in Utah, you’ve made the decision to get exactly the house you want.

This is the biggest advantage of building your own home: You call all the shots and make all the decisions. But don’t worry — we help you along the way!

Buying the Land for Building a New Home


The first step in new home building is finding the land. Luckily, here in Utah, we still have open spaces and land for sale! So you will not have a difficult time getting started with new home construction.


Before you start shopping, consider how big of a house you would like to build and how much land you will need. You may want to put all your money into bells and whistles for your house and save by buying a smaller plot of land. This is a legitimate plan, but make sure you’re aware of local ordinances so you don’t plan to put too much house in too small of a space.


After you purchase the land and have it cleared and leveled, it’s time to dig and pour the basement. Once this step is completed, you’ll have concrete proof you are on your way to getting the home of your dreams!


Builder and General Contractor


So much goes into building a new house that it can sometimes seem overwhelming. That’s when it’s invaluable to have a company like Falk Construction, because we act as the general contractor as well.


Yes, we are the premier new home builder in Ogden, build your house, but we contract out the non-building work such as installation of electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC, flooring and more.


General contracting and project management is a huge, complicated job that depends on the timing and expertise of the team leader. Our longevity in the business is what gives us an advantage. We have worked with countless subcontractors over the years, and we know which ones are best. If any particular company changes — for better or for worse — we are the first to know, because we are one of the largest general contractors in the Ogden, Utah, area.

We are a family-owned and operated new home contractor in Utah. We are fully licensed and insured, and you can count on us for reasonable rates, reliable timetables and quality workmanship. Our team assists with project planning and handles all permits to simplify the building process for you.


Reliable New Home Builder in Ogden


We are the company many locals depend on not just for remodeling and renovations, but for building a house from the ground up. Innumerable decisions need to be made during the process, and we fall back on our many years of experience as a new home contractor in Ogden to advise you every step of the way. Our results show why we are the premier new home contractor in our area. Call us today to find out more about new home construction.

We offer free estimates and project planning assistance, so come to us for your new home project. Contact us today.