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Flow and Function Are Musts for a Workable Kitchen

February 10, 2016

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Considering Unconcealed Storage for Bathroom Remodels

June 11, 2019

In the modern age of 2019, the purpose of many home additions or remodeling projects is to liven up a given space a bit. Many older homes have relatively bland designs in major areas, and there are several potential upgrades possible to both aesthetic and functional elements.

At Falk Construction Inc., we’re here to help with any such upgrade to your home, including to a commonly dull area in older homes: The bathroom. Our bathroom remodeling services are second to none, with numerous options in areas ranging from fixtures and lighting to tile and other flooring needs.


One concept that’s gaining popularity within the bathroom remodeling world is that of “unconcealed” bathroom storage – let’s go over what we mean by this term, plus some potential benefits this style might bring to your space.


Unconcealed Storage Basics


As the name suggests, unconcealed storage – also known as open shelving – is a concept where rather than closed, covered storage areas, the room in question instead promotes open, visible storage. This theme was originally popularized in kitchens, where it was able to bring major space and aesthetic benefits to several different types of kitchen designs.


However, this style has begun to become more popular in the bathroom as well. Space is becoming more and more important within the bathroom area in recent years as well, both in terms of general trends and home values, and considering it at the top of your mind during a remodel can bring a few important benefits.


More Than Just Shelves


It’s important to note that while shelving is indeed a common piece of an unconcealed storage design, it’s not the only element. Consider the niche option, one where your contractor builds sunken niches into the wall spaces that act as both aesthetic designs and secondary storage spaces. You can infuse these between your shelving areas to create the perfect spatial blend – these niches also go perfectly in walk-in showers or similar spaces.


Allows for Other Designs


Another big positive of open shelving is the way it leaves space open for the primary design you have in mind. Other kinds of shelving often dictate certain color schemes or design areas, but this format tends to be more wide open in terms of the tiles or other surfaces you plan to install in the bathroom. Fewer bulky cabinets draws eyes to your new designs while also promoting the space present.


A Different Approach to Clutter


Some may be concerned about clutter and storage capability with this open shelving format, but it’s important to think about this the right way. Consider how often you typically shuffle through your cabinets looking for stored items – what if, instead, you better organized your entire bathroom space and gave everything a specific home on open shelves? Not only will this make your life easier on a daily basis, it will look great and bring a sense of order to the bathroom space.


For more on the unconcealed storage format and why you should consider it during your bathroom remodel, or to learn about any of our home remodeling or new home construction services, speak to the pros at Falk Construction, Inc. today.

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